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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Populist, actor and last hope for the country’s reactivation: what Russians in Argentina say about Javier Miley’s victory

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 12:03:32

Javier Miley celebrates his victory with his sister Karina.


Following the victory of libertarian Javier Miley in Argentina’s presidential elections, his followers took to the streets in cities across the country. However, his candidacy still causes controversy in society. The Russian community living in Argentina also has divided opinions. What opinion do our compatriots express about the future of the Latin American country, the plans of the new president and the realities that gave rise to such an extraordinary politician?

– Lack of security, robbery, murder, drugs. Colossal inflation. You go to the store and there are new prices, and so on every day. And this is all the fault of the current government, says a Russian named Andrey. – In particular, the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa. He personally did nothing. The official dollar is worth 360 pesos and a thousand on the black market. At the same time, it continues to grow and all calculations are based on it. The saddest thing is that the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, has retired and is ignoring national problems. In general, it will not get worse.

Another of our compatriots residing in Argentina speaks of the stagnation of the criminal situation.

– In the La Cava area in Rosario at night everything seems like they are going to rob you and kill you. Even during the day, there are soldiers wearing helmets and bulletproof vests on the border of the region.

Miley’s position in the economic sector is quite radical: replace the national currency pesos with dollars, abolish the Central Bank and carry out massive privatizations.

According to the Russians, they assume that if the president’s plan comes true, in the next 5 to 10 years the standard of living and income of Argentines will increase, and prices will follow.

In Argentina, libertarian ideas have won the hearts of voters.



The identity of Javier Miley himself is controversial among Russians.

– In general, your entire campaign is pure populism. According to his biography, I don’t like him as a person or his vision of life,” says Valentín.

In addition to radical economic policies, the newly elected leader opposes women’s right to abortion and accuses the left of inventing global warming. Due to such initiatives, Miley was nicknamed Trump in the Argentine style. Her other nickname is “the chainsaw economist.” She received this award after going on stage with a saw as a sign of her determination to restore order in the country.

“The chainsaw was just populism and acting,” our compatriots believe.


The fundamental issue continues to be Javier Miley’s future foreign policy. He promises that he will cancel Argentina’s application to join BRICS and will rely on rapprochement with the United States.

– Now no one will tell you exactly what to expect from the new president and the government he will form. Basically, he is in favor of integration with the United States and distancing from China (and therefore the Russian Federation). He seems to be tolerant of immigration and relocation in general. Personally, it seems to me that we have to see what real steps will be taken, what priorities will be established and how all this will affect the situation in the country. If his opponent (Sergio Massa-ed.) had won, then everything would have been more predictable,” said one of the users of the tg“Russians in Argentina” community.

Russians are concerned that the Latin American country’s attitude toward foreigners has become harsher. It is true that our compatriots assure each other that the current nomenklatura will not allow the new president to go crazy and expel expatriates from the country.


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