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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Protecting women from butchering plastic surgeons: How fallout from the ‘silicon scandal’ could change the beauty industry

Date: April 12, 2024 Time: 20:44:16

The “silicone scandal” with Slava, Lyubov Uspenskaya and star surgeon Timur Khaidarov does not subside. Recall that a month ago, Slava publicly stated that Khaidarov mutilated his chest. Lyubov Uspenskaya joined her. And today there are 72 people who said they were not happy with the result of Timur’s plastic surgery. However, the world did not converge on Khaidarov. He is not the only doctor who has made mistakes. There are many surgeons like that! And there are even more cosmetologists who work “in the black” – they simply rent offices and make beauty injections without any license, disfiguring faces. Let us remember at least the case of Oksana Pushkina. The scandal with Timur Khaydarov was a kind of trigger that made me think: what is happening in the beauty industry? For this reason, a press conference entitled: “Silicon riot: who will pay for the mistakes of surgeons?” was held in the press center of the news agency Servicio Nacional de Noticias. The speakers were lawyer Slava and Lyubov Uspenskaya Elena Senina, lawyer Lyudmila Aivar and Alexandra Rachel, president of the Association of Victims of Plastic Surgery.

In Moscow, the press conference “Silicon rebellion: who will pay for the mistakes of surgeons” was held. The speakers were lawyer Slava and Lyubov Uspenskaya Elena Senina, lawyer Lyudmila Aivar and Alexandra Rachel, president of the Association of Victims of Plastic Surgery.

Expensive operations and small fines.

To begin with, it should be noted that Russia ranks third in the world in terms of the number of cosmetic plastic surgeries.

“In our country, some 600,000 surgeries are performed each year. And since the address is so in demand, then there should be a stricter and clearer regulation, ”Elena Senina shared.

And Lyudmila Aivar added that the official figures refer only to those operations that are performed in special clinics by signing a contract and filling out the patient’s medical history and other documents.

“But let’s not forget that there are still plastic surgeons and cosmetologists working in the black. After all, now you can rent an office in an office building, post beautiful pictures on social networks, as well as photos of beautiful girls with the words: “This is my job.” And the people, equally frantic, both women and men. The latter, by the way, have become more active in recent years. They are willing to spend money to look good. And this is normal in our time, when life expectancy has increased. And there are many more cases with pseudospecialists. But we can only get them out of the gray area if people identify them and file complaints. In addition, it is necessary to force them to obtain a license. Or unite in some kind of ORS so that our citizens who give themselves beauty injections, from which, by the way, you can die, are protected, ”said Lyudmila Aivar.

Lawyer Elena Senina and singer Slava

Photo: personal archive

Meanwhile, Elena Senina pointed out a very important point: to complain, not to complain, but according to the current legislation the system of fines is not effective.

“Well, what is a fine of 300 thousand rubles for a clinic that earns billions a year on this? I will give you an example. In February 2019, the Moscow Arbitration Court imposed an administrative fine on the GMT clinic. So that? For the fact that Timur Khaidarov did not have confirmation of the presence of education on the territory of the Russian Federation – residence. There is even a judicial decision that contains a phrase that can endanger the life and health of citizens. And at the same time, a minimal fine was imposed on the clinic – approximately 100-300 thousand rubles. Well, what about the GMT clinic, where they carry out operations that cost 1.5 million to 5 million rubles? Senina added.

Kirkorov “mutilated” and serious people behind Khaidarov

Alexandra Rachel, president of the Association of Victims of Plastic Surgery, said that in 20 years of practice, for the first time she comes across a case like Timur Khaidarov’s: there are too many victims. Alexandra even recalled the story of a friend of hers, a mother of three children, who had plastic surgery done by Timur to please her husband. But as a result, the woman not only received a mutilated figure and a crippled psyche, but also ruined her relationship with her husband – he left her.

Philip Kirkorov and plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

“Of course, there were jambs and other plastic surgeons, who were simply wiped off the face of the earth for some minor problems, compared to what Khaidarov did. And Khaidarov is like a flint, because behind him are serious people. He announces to the whole country that a mammoplasty is done in 25 minutes. Well, what is this? No doctor in the world makes breasts in 25 minutes! That is why, to date, some 100 people have said that they suffered at his hands. And how many more? We do not know. And, God forbid, cheers to Gloria, that she raised this issue and somehow it came to light. In an interview with a journalist, she told how she did such and such an operation: “Well, I brought it here, cut it out with scissors, put it on and sewed it up.” Is this a surgeon? Where did he come from? This is awful! I don’t mean his blog. This is not the case in any country. I saw a video of his operations: in one hand a phone without a glove and in the other he is doing something there. And then he throws away the tampons in a jar,” Alexandra Rachel said.

In addition, the president of the Association of Victims of Plastic Surgery is sure that the stars also play an important role in promoting this type of doctors, however, it is impossible to punish or somehow attract them for such advertising.

“Philip Kirkorov announces it in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. Common people are watching. But if we take Mr. Kirkorov’s plastic surgery into account, what did he do with his beautiful operations? Yes, he ruined the man. Just spoiled. But the people are leading. That’s why there are so many customers,” added Rachel.

Moratorium on inspections and tightening of sanctions

Lyudmila Aivar, for her part, added that Khaidarov was not the only surgeon who made a mistake.

“We have more than 20,000 clinics in the country! To become a plastic surgeon, you can simply improve your skills. Khaidarov is not alone. Here today we have Ksenia, who was performed rhinoplasty by surgeon Alexander Zhukov, after which the girl did not leave the house for a year, she even had suicidal thoughts, ”Aivar said.

It goes without saying that Xenia’s disfigured nose had to be redone, and how much moral strength, time and money it took … To the point that the clinic, which accepted the money for the operation in cash, tried to accuse the girl of not paying for the operation.

“Therefore, the measures and sanctions that can be taken now are not relevant. Well, they will scold Khaidarov, they will reprimand him. But we understand how much money is made. Therefore, it is necessary to toughen the sanctions, revoke licenses and suspend activities. The story with Khaidarov became a kind of trigger. Now everyone is watching what will happen: is it possible to carry out similar activities or not? And in the future they will be oriented on the measures that will be taken on Khaidarov and on those stories that have entered the public space. Therefore, a great responsibility falls on those who make the decisions to initiate criminal cases, suspend the activities of the clinics, etc. ”, said Elena Senina.

Senina also referred to another important fact. If until last year it was possible to apply to Roszdravnadzor on any particular occasion, and representatives of the federal service could appear unannounced in one or another office for an inspection, then from March 2022 the so-called moratorium on the inspections.

“Currently, Roszdravnadzor can only enter the clinic with a control if he has the conclusion of the prosecution in hand. In addition, it is necessary to collect a large amount of documentation, conduct research and prove that there was or exists a threat to life and health. And then you can check the activities of the clinic. But all this takes a long time. And we are very aware that during this time the clinics “clean” everything,” Senina said.

As a result, all the speakers came to the conclusion that in order to change something it is necessary to contact the government of the Russian Federation. We just don’t have the relevant laws.

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