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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Pushkin, Gogol, Chekhov and modern stories about the passions experienced during Covid: which premieres will be released in Moscow cinemas in the near future

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 17:56:52

“My tender beast” at the Maly Theater. Photo: Renata Belyalova

The theater season has crossed the equator. Many of the premieres announced at the beginning of the season have already been released. Some are yet to come. Today we present to KP readers new presentations that will be released in February-March.

At the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov at the premiere of the play “Hot Covid Summer” based on the play by Yaroslava Pulinovich. This is a rare case when the production deals with current events. The main character is Alevtina Pavlovna (played by folk artist Olga Yakovleva), an expert on Dostoevsky. Together with her daughter Masha and her 13-year-old granddaughter Dasha, she lives the hot Covid summer among disputes and conflicts. We all remember how we were sent into self-isolation, when family members were an eyesore on each other 24/7. A way out for Alevtina Pavlovna becomes a found dog, whom she named her favorite writer – Fyodor Mikhailovich. This role is played by the honored artist Vladimir Timofeev. The production director is Tatyana Arkhiptsova. The rehearsals for the play were emotional, like “in the hot summer of Covid.” “Olga Mikhailovna Yakovleva is an absolute maximalist in the theater,” says director Tatyana Arkhiptsova. – Argues “to hell” when he disagrees. If she likes it, she laughs happily. She gets angry when she doesn’t understand and seeks clarity… ”In addition to Olga Yakovleva and Vladimir Timofeev, the play stars: Alena Khovanskaya, Sofya Shidlovskaya, Margarita Yakimova…

Where: Moscow Art Theater named after. Chekhov.

When: February 24, 25, March 8, 22.

Entrance price: 1500 – 2000 rubles.

At the Maly Theater – “My tender beast”. Staging by director Andrei Zhitinkin based on Chekhov’s story “Drama on the Hunt”. The plot is known to a wide audience thanks to the feature film directed by Emil Loteanu, released in 1978. Kamyshev is played by Andrei Chernyshov (in the film this role was played by Oleg Yankovsky), Olenka Skvortsova is played by Varvara Shatalova, the Count is played by Alexander Vershinin, Urbenina is played by Alexander Klyukvin.

The first spectators have already left their comments about the performance: “A classic production in the tradition of the Maly Theater. Andrei Chernyshov is the best! Varvara Shatalova is wonderful! Alexander Klyukvin is incomparable! We thank all the creators of the play for the highest level of skill, music, scenery, costumes, lighting; All this together gives us brilliant emotions.”

Where: Maly Theater.

When: February 18, March 13 and 29.

Ticket price: 1300 – 4800 rubles.

In the theater. Mayakovsky – “Gabriele. Italian comedy.” The director of the production is Sergei Tonyshev. Like the play “Hot Covid Summer”, this is also a modern story, composed by young Italian authors: Fausto Paravidino and Giampierro Rappa.

In the center of Rome, in a tiny apartment, five young actors have just finished reading a play for their future performance. Without work, without money, without love… With love it is even more difficult. The genre is a situation comedy with recognizable characters. “In a sense, we follow the path of traditional commedia dell’arte: there is acting improvisation and even masks appear in our special sense,” says director Sergei Tonyshev. “But first of all, this is an Italian comedy because it was written by Italians, about Italians in Italy, and it’s very funny.”

The play features young actors from Mayakovka.

Where: Theater that bears the name. Mayakovsky (small stage).

When: March 9, 10 and 27.

Ticket price: 2000 – 3500 rubles.

At the Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theater: “A completely incredible event.” That is the name of the work. If we look at the cast of characters, it is clear: a production based on Gogol’s “The Wedding.” Podkolesin, Scrambled Eggs, Agafya Tikhonovna… Director Evgeny Kamenkovich put his own accent in the staging of Gogol’s comedy: the simple, everyday story of matchmaking turns into absurd and absurd buffoonery, a carnival with shows of grooms and luck that the bride is ready to draw.

The play stars Ivan Vakulenko, Madeleine Dzhabrailova, Alexey Kolubkov, Yuri Butorin, Olga Bodrova…

Where: Piotr Fomenko Workshop Theater.

When: February 15, 22, 29, March 5, 15.

Ticket price: 2000 – 12000 rubles.

On the main stage of the Theater. Vakhtangov’s “Pushkin’s Stories,” directed by the theater’s chief director Anatoly Shuliev, will premiere in March. The director combined four stories into one performance. In June we will celebrate the 225th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Sergeevich. There is almost no doubt that Vakhtangov’s performance will not be the only production based on the works of the great poet. Other theaters have also begun to select material and look for new forms for their interpretations of the great classics.

The performance stars Valery Ushakov, Alexander Gorbatov, Yuri Shlykov, Alexander Ryshchenkov, Anna Antonova and the young artists of the company.

Where: Theater that bears the name. Vakhtangov.

When: March 26 and 27.

Ticket price: 1000 – 7100 rubles.

Fans of the Sovremennik Theater are waiting for the premiere of two premieres announced at the beginning of the season: the play “Simon” based on the book by Narine Abgaryan and “The Catcher in the Rye” based on the novel by Salinger. Meanwhile, the theater staged the play “Two on a Swing” again. And he announced the new version as the premiere, in which Yuri Chursin and Tatyana Babenkova star. Based on the work of American playwright William Gibson, Galina Volchek’s directorial debut took place in 1962. The performance was a success. Volchek made several reinstatements due to changes in the artist lineup. The actors were always approved by Galina Borisovna. Yuri Chursin and Tatyana Babenkova are the first cast without her. They will interpret the story of Jerry and Gitel, two young people searching for happiness in a large and indifferent city: “A moving story about love and loneliness, about the eternal duel between compassion and selfishness.”

Where: “Contemporary.”

When: February 25, March 9 and 19.

Ticket price: 2000 – 10 000 rubles.

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