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Monday, May 27, 2024
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“Putin expected, but not Zelensky”: India firmly put Ukraine in its place

Date: May 27, 2024 Time: 18:22:52

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a speech in Delhi.


Ukraine was not invited

It seems that the leaders of Ukraine, in addition to Nazi ideology and sadistic abilities, also have a very serious masochistic complex in their heads. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why they keep pedaling the same subject with such perseverance after the refusal and strive to teach a categorical refusal instead of a refusal.

As happened, for example, with Zelensky’s non-invitation to the next G20 summit, to be held in New Delhi. For the first time, no one intends to invite Ukraine (respectively, Zelensky) to India from New Delhi in January. In kyiv, they were outraged, but redoubled their efforts to get an invite. In addition, they received the support of Washington in this matter, which has adapted to stick a plug in every barrel to Zelensky in the international arena.

But all efforts were in vain. At a recent press conference, India’s special envoy for the summit organization confirmed that Ukraine was not invited and urged to check the official list to find out who was invited. Furthermore, he didn’t even begin to name Ukraine, instead he told the reporter that he asked the question, “the country you named.”

In kyiv, this caused panic and anger: how come Russia was invited to the summit, but Ukraine was not? Putin will go to the summit in India, but Zelensky will not go! What’s happening? The meager brains of all kinds of advisers Yermakov and Podolyakov did not fit the idea that Russia does not need any invitations, because it is a member of the G20. And the unoiled gears of the Ukrainian machine of big politics turned and creaked with renewed vigor.

Vladimir Zelensky is not expected in India at the G20 summit.


And again, by! This time, Indian Foreign Minister Subramanyam Jaishankar explained about the different states of Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Zelensky regarding the summit. And for especially stupid people from kyiv, he gave additional explanations.

– G20 discusses the problems of energy, fertilizers, food supplies. This is the G20, not the UN Security Council -the Indian minister repeated and repeated-. – The G20 does not deal with global security issues.

What is behind India’s rejection?

Yes, Ukraine is not included in the G20. Now, probably, it is no longer included in the “hundredth” of world economies. But the decision to invite this or that country is made solely and exclusively by the host country of the summit. And India invited 9 non-G20 countries: Egypt, Algeria, Singapore, etc., to visit the summit. They were invited, but Ukraine was not. And this means that India simply does not want to see the Indian delegation, led by its leader, at the event he is chairing.

New Delhi is well aware that if Kiev is present even on the sidelines of the summit, the whole job will come down to a discussion about how “bad” Russia is, attempts to arrange a few more sanctions for Moscow, and Zelensky’s constant whining: you do not have? And no decisions will be made in the field of energy, food safety, fertilizers and the economy as a whole.

And Indians need a business event (actually, as the G20 was meant to solve the problems of the economy), and not a politically scandalous talk. Furthermore, they themselves have an interest in making sure that they and the rest of Asia are not drawn into Western sanctions against Russia. Now they are buying relatively cheap Russian oil and bringing refined products to the European Union, receiving Russian grain, and have already had enough of their mutually beneficial “goodies” from Western sanctions against Moscow. And they have no intention of losing them at all. And the adoption of some kind of sanctions against Russia will inevitably increase the cost of those goods that India will no longer be able to buy at an affordable price.

“Global South” sign

Only now it turned out that Zelensky received a hat from India, and therefore the Americans received a blow to the nose. Because it is the United States that has been doing everything lately to try to win the so-called “global South” over to kyiv’s side. And this “global South” in response sent them into the forest. Furthermore, the pedaling of this issue by Western journalists caused quite a bit of irritation in New Delhi, and Europe, along with the United States, was advised to analyze their behavior on various issues before making any moral accusations.

Ignoring Ukraine, India refused to bow to the wishes and requests of the United States on this range of issues. Furthermore, New Delhi apparently doesn’t give a damn if Washington will respond to such blatant disobedience with sanctions (we won’t even mention the Ukraine sanctions so as not to make anyone laugh). India is well aware that without it, as without China, the world economy simply cannot function. She is not scared.

And we can already say now that this has not gone unnoticed in the world.


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