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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Realme GT3 is the best smartphone on the Russian market KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 03:20:09

We tested the device, and after the above heading, we will not try to keep the intrigue and admit that we were completely delighted with the realme GT3, and in this text we will tell you what exactly hooked us and what shortcomings the device still has. .


“Out of the box” is the main epithet that can be used to characterize the design of the realme GT3. Smart is available in two versions: black and white. The latter, as they say, “smarter”, and the second – stricter. The back cover material is not slippery and not easy to get dirty; no fingerprints left on it. In addition, the kit comes with a cover made of a material that is pleasant to the touch – this is the rare case when the phone looks just as stylish even on the bumper, even without it.

At the top of the case there is an area with a camera and a window with an RGB indicator, made in the style of a skeleton watch. The backlight has a more decorative purpose – you can adjust the frequency of its flashing and color when you receive calls or receive notifications. For example, an ominous red in an older audience may evoke a strong association with the eye of the T-800 from James Cameron’s Terminator. Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to give more functionality, such as having the indicator light up in any particular color when a certain subscriber calls.


While American smartphone makers sell their devices without any charger at all, and Koreans fool around with them, you’re really putting a mighty 240W unit in the box. And this is exactly the kind of super adaptation that can completely change the game. Just think about it: the Chinese supplier claims that from zero to one hundredth, the battery capacity fills up in 9.5 minutes. I have checked it many times, and in my home, and not laboratory conditions, this figure is 10-10.5 minutes. In such scenarios, now you don’t have to worry about pre-charging the phone at all; this completely changes the scenario for using it.

The second key feature is a full terabyte drive. The legislation does not provide for such a long vacation that you can watch all the series marked on realme GT3 in such volumes! But seriously, when you activate the OTG function, you will always have a portable bank for massive amounts of data at hand.

Third – a completely bombastic Ultra AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. If you are a fan of IPS matrices, then pay attention to the PWM dimming rate of 2160 Hz. Thanks to him, the eye does not get tired of the screen of the realme GT3, as with other AMOLED panels. The diagonal is 6.74 inches, the resolution is 2772 by 1240 pixels, here there is support for HDR10 + and 1400 nits of maximum brightness – absorbing video content on such a device is a pure pleasure.


The heart of realme GT3 is the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 5G chipset. Despite the fact that a conditional Gen3 is already looming somewhere on the horizon closer to autumn, it is still difficult to imagine the scale of the task that this processor could not handle. This applies even to running a conditional Genshin with the best graphics settings and smooth frame rate, even emulating the Nintendo Switch console with its endless Zelda, and even heavy professional software for designing bridges and skyscrapers.

16 GB of RAM is installed, and this is an honest physical 16 GB, and not marketing jokes with the virtualization of part of the permanent memory. Therefore, multitasking and maintaining a large number of applications in the background is done routinely.


Paraphrasing a little popular wisdom: “The main thing is not the number of megapixels, but the ability to use them correctly.” In reality, it seems, they did not chase the numbers, they inserted a 200-megapixel sensor, but managed with a 50-megapixel main lens, but from Sony they are advanced guys in terms of manufacturing equipment for mobile photography.

Well what can I say? The camera is beautiful. Even indoors, even in a desperate lack of light, where the hardware no longer “pulls”, the algorithms of the machines are connected and pull the image due to their dark cybernetic AI magic.

The video is recorded in 4K, and in static the result is excellent, but in dynamic there is a lack of optical stabilization. But by switching to 1080 with the activation of the AI ​​​​assistant, the situation improves dramatically for the better.


The device runs on Android 13 with a proprietary plugin realme UI 4.0, which I personally consider the most convenient of all currently presented. In general, this is “naked Android”, remembered and finished in an ideal state. The shell doesn’t have a bunch of junk and unnecessary apps, but there are plenty of useful features, such as flexible call recording settings and a special game mode utility.

additional advantages

Of course, the device has an NFC chip for contactless payments, there is a fast and accurate under-display fingerprint scanner, but what was unexpected was the infrared port. Some might say that these are the technologies of the ancients, long lost and forgotten. But there is nothing good in the fact that the IrDA chip has ceased to be massive. You cannot find a smartphone with an infrared sensor today with fire, and in office wars for the right to control the temperature of an air conditioner, a better weapon has not yet been invented, so this is a very significant advantage. The vibration is also worth mentioning – the engineers of the Celestial Empire managed to make it very smooth, but at the same time well-expressed.

Why complain?

To answer the question posed in this subheading, I had to do quite a bit of brainwashing, but the format obliges. Therefore, the claims about the realme GT3 may seem to be abusing a post.

The most obvious thing to ask yourself in such a situation is why is the processor in the Gen1 flagship and not Gen2? But after all, the price of a smartphone is noticeably lower than that of competitors in Gen2.

Also striking is the lack of certification for protection against dust and moisture. And this is a common story for almost all realme products, although there are enough examples on the Web of how smartphones of this brand survived after epic swims.

There is no possibility of wireless charging yet, but against the background of a 240 W unit, which replenishes the full capacity of the battery in 10 minutes, all this already seems like a pampering.


You already understood everything, but for the sake of formality, we will repeat: realme GT3 is the best smartphone on the Russian market of all those that are officially presented in our country. For its cost, it simply has no competitors, since other models with similar characteristics, firstly, are more expensive, and secondly, they will not have a full warranty and service.

Therefore, if you chose a flagship device with understandable support for yourself or as a gift, then it is recommended to safely buy realme GT3.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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