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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Reconnaissance drones save lives – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 20:06:40

“During combat duty, multifunctional drone crews, even in conditions of interference from enemy electronic warfare (EW) units, carry out flights at tactical depth for reconnaissance and search for targets, further adjust the fire of various types of weapons and they also record videos. Record fire damage to enemy objects, manpower and equipment,” the military department said.

It should be noted that drones carry out reconnaissance 24 hours a day. Their operators also work day and night.

To search for targets and recognize them, drones are equipped with various optical devices (a powerful camera) and a thermal imaging camera. As soon as an enemy target is detected, the coordinates are transmitted to the command and the artillery opens fire on it.

UAVs are also used to monitor the movement of military equipment, camouflaged command posts and firing points, as well as new fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Unmanned aerial vehicles have been actively used since the beginning of the special operation and have proven to be an indispensable means of reconnaissance and fire adjustment. They will aim at the target, monitor the route and detect the approach of enemy reserve units. And It has happened more than once when our drones, accompanying a convoy, warned in time about ambushes and saved the lives of servicemen,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“The drones are in the sky for the second hour. The standard task of this flight is to coordinate the work on the targets of our multiple rocket launch systems in the direction of Kupyansk. The crew of the Supercam S350 completed it. The facilities operated with success and they left their firing positions. And the drone still had some battery left. Here were the scouts and they decided to fly over the neighboring squares. The instinct was correct. On the monitors, the discharge of enemy ammunition in real time. In a minibus civilian, the The enemy’s rear mobile unit delivered the ammunition to the contact line in the adjacent cache. Several boxes are hidden in the village bathhouse. The decision was made to continue the observation behind the newly discovered enemy object by the forces of neighboring drones. There it is very likely that during the night the number of boxes will increase significantly and then our artillery will come into action,” reads the description of the video published by the military.

“We have a crew of a drone. The tasks consist of identifying targets of different types. We find them, we take the coordinates, we deliver them and now we are working directly with the artillery,” said a soldier from the reconnaissance unit of the distinctive Chinese call.

The following footage is a video of an enemy mortarman wandering around in a pickup truck. Already destroyed. One of the latest intelligence operations, with the result of which the Chinese unit is satisfied. The enemy’s calculations were too evasive, he claimed. “We were following him for three days. But where did he go? They found him and the artillery punished him,” the soldier said.

The complex with the Supercam S350 drone, small in size, has the best tactical and technical characteristics in its class. A flight duration of up to 4.5 hours with information transmission up to 100 kilometers provides the necessary reserve of capabilities to use a drone in surveillance and reconnaissance, protection of state borders and monitoring of objects. Payload variability is achieved by installing a camera, video and thermal imaging equipment. Among the key features of the drone are the speed of its assembly, modular composite elements, interchangeable and combined payloads with unified gyro-stabilized platforms, as well as a system for releasing the wing consoles during landing to avoid possible damage.

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