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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Resident of Tambov made a solar car and drove it to Novorossiysk – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 19:28:58

The first person in Russia who traveled a thousand kilometers only with the energy of the sun is a resident of the Tambov region Vadim Shibkov. By profession, man is a dentist. However, not long ago, his design skills also appeared. In the solar car he created, he drove to Novorossiysk and is now coming back. Vadim Shibkov told RIA “TOP68” in more detail about his vehicle.

How it all started

Vadim Shibkov is a dentist from the village of Mordovo. A solar car, i.e. an electric car powered by solar energy, is his first project.

– I really enjoyed watching the solar car competitions in Kazakhstan. There were ideas on how to make the solar car more comfortable and at the same time get a third more energy.

In his solar car, the master planned to participate in the race in Kazakhstan. However, I did not have time to prepare the transport for the competition. Therefore, I decided to go on a trip to Novorossiysk.

– I chose Novorossiysk because there are small steps (relatively) and you can get there with a weak solar car (relatively). There I was waiting for two subscribers and one of my friends, who is also dedicated to the design of homemade vehicles.

By the way, before the large-scale trip, Vadim conducted a test drive – he drove about 10 kilometers in the Tambov region in a solar car. If we talk about road trips in general, every year he travels with his family to the south of Russia.

About the solar car

It took about three months to buy the material and develop the drawing. Construction continued for six months: the last two or three months were especially intense: I visited the garage several times a week.

For the construction, Vadim bought and used the components of the solar car, which participated in races in Kazakhstan last year. Its dimensions were taken as a basis.

– Before building a solar car, I discovered my needs: what I need for a comfortable rest and trip.

As a result, the car from the sun provides a place to sleep (air mattress 145 cm wide). There is also a camping kitchen and shower.

The solar car is equipped with 18 solar panels with a capacity of 100 watts each. Everyone works in the deployed position. The power goes to two batteries with a capacity of 8 kWh. This allows you to drive three to four hours at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. In general, this transport can accelerate to 50 kilometers per hour. However, then its consumption will be higher.

Vadim gave the name “Pegasus” to the solar car. The vehicle belongs to electric quadricycles with a power of 4 kW. It is considered a moped, that is, it is not necessary to register it as a car or motorcycle.

– I show traffic inspectors the passports of the engine wheels, which prove the power of my vehicle 4 kW. I also have an official response from the regional traffic police: if possible, drive this vehicle on public roads. It says it is equal in characteristics to a moped.

Is it comfortable to travel in a sunny car when it’s hot? Pretty much. As Vadim says, freshness is provided by the air that enters during the movement through two vents, as well as a fan from above.

Who helped

The idea and development belong to Vadim. To accomplish his task, he mastered the work with a grinder, welding and other tools he had never used before. And besides, I learned how to work in a 3D editor. Sometimes my father would go into the garage and help. He has a lot of experience in design: and the talent, apparently, was passed on to his son.

– My father has been designing since he was young. He himself created snowmobiles, a mini-tractor, a homemade motorcycle based on the ancient “Java”, so he has quite a lot of experience in building homemade products. In general, my father was engaged in car repair all his life. He is also a turner of the 5th category and even received awards in turning art competitions.

About the trip

It is forbidden to drive on motorways on mopeds. Therefore, Vadim surrounds them on other paths. The journey from the village of Mordovo to Novorossiysk took nine days (the rain made me delay). The master plans to return in 6-7 days. As he emphasizes, under ideal conditions, this could be done in five days.

– I participated in a challenge organized by the administrator of the group in the telegram, which publishes news about cars aloneres, a race in Kazakhstan. He created the Association of a Thousand Suns. According to their regulations, I drove and became the first person in Russia to travel 1000 kilometers on solar energy alone. I will receive the corresponding certificate soon.

On the way back, Vadim also plans to participate in the challenge and improve the result.

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