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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Revealed the Terrible Details of the Death of Yura Shatunov

Date: November 29, 2023 Time: 01:59:14

The death of Yura Shatunov came as a real shock to his family, friends, and the public. The artist was a superstar in the ’90s, and her hit “Rosas Blancas” was sung to both old and young. The 48-year-old singer died suddenly at the Domodedovo hospital after being treated for pneumonia.

Yuri Shatunov was transferred to Domodedovo Central Hospital in critical condition. This process led to a heart attack and subsequent death, which then spread to the rest of his body. “He was admitted to the vascular center of the Domodedovo hospital in a state of clinical death,” said Andrey Osipov, the clinic’s chief physician.

According to him, several cardiologists-resuscitators and neurologists battled for the singer’s life for an hour and a half, but to no avail. “Death occurred as a result of acute heart failure caused by an extensive myocardial infarction.” The cause was attributed to a plaque that broke off and obstructed a large vessel in the heart.”

Shatunov was diagnosed with a transmural infarction against the background of coronary heart disease and “acute coronary syndrome”. Before his death, he was too sick to be able to walk, and he didn’t have enough air. Unbearable pain was imprinted on his face. According to some reports, fluid could accumulate between the walls of Shatunov’s heart, and it may have caused edema.

“In fact, there was a massive rupture of large vessels. In this condition, the patient is almost 100% likely to die. I don’t know what can save the medical case in such a situation,” said the interlocutor.

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