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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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RG correspondent visited the adult pioneer camp – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 17:22:37

Svetlana Teslenko is the pioneer leader of the adult camp “Forward to the USSR”, operating in the capital of Adygea. She, Svetlana, has two children. People over 40 love themselves in Soviet times. Then they come. Six shifts a year of “pioneer camps”. And? There is demand for everything Soviet.

The “pioneer” Nastya met me at the House of Unions in such a pioneer skirt that I wanted to get married in Maykop. The pioneer detachment “Amistad” was already in the room. Their motto: “Not a step back, not a step forward, but only forward and only together!” They marched to the sound of the drum. It can be rented from a local restaurant. But the sticks are real, pioneers.

40 people in crisp white shirts and red ties is incredible. Director Irina Semenova smiled. It has been a long time since such a brilliant event took place in her House of Unions.

In the corner there was a stand with photographs and routes of the pioneer camp. They marched in order. Girls in white golf socks, each of whom has two adult children, accompanied the flag bearer, a taxi driver from the village of Khanskaya. He has four grandchildren. Everything is solemn. Veterans. Orders…

I was also a pioneer. He was wearing a scarlet tie. He was a bully. And I even visited Artek twice. He was still like in childhood. They know how!

I listened to the veterans. They are serious. But they are clearly not designed for retired pioneers. We were a little confused. They thought they were young. And here they are the same age. They tied them up with red ties anyway. And then Svetlana says:

– Among us there is a Moscow correspondent! We will also accept you as a pioneer!

A fat pioneer, about 57 years old, immediately began to strangle me with her bust. I smiled as best I could. I didn’t even cough.

– Boys and girls! – I suggested the pioneers. – What good weather it is! Let’s lay flowers at the monument to Lenin!

Then the chaos began. Someone ran for flowers. The oldest pioneer, 72-year-old Alexander Vasilyevich, wore woolen overalls over a snow-white shirt with a red tie. I tell him:

– To take photos you have to be a pioneer. The old man’s shroud can be left on the bench.

And I said:

– Health is more valuable.

We need to relax somehow. Even with a pioneer tie!

They crossed the street in an orderly manner. The red ties and caps did their job. Cars honked in our direction. And that was a greeting. And then the festivities began. We headed to the Belaya River through the park. The people turned around and asked:

– Is this some kind of party?

– Of course it’s a holiday! – answered the senior pioneer leader Svetlana. – We have a meeting!

And no one touched his temple with a finger. Although…

This was on the first shift. The adult pioneer camp set up tents in the forest. Bonfire, guitar and barbecue. The daily routine was nailed to the pine tree. At eight in the morning, get up. Charger. Breakfast. Hike. Dinner. Quiet hour. Snack with cocoa. Leisure. Dinner. Disk. Kefir. Turn off the lights. Some local bastard ratted me out. Like: suspicious people gather in the forest. The police arrived. We saw the flag of the USSR. And then we read the daily routine. We apologize for the problem.

…The meeting continued over tea at the Start cafe. But there was a kilometer left to get there. Some pioneers abandoned the race. We ordered everything that was served in the Soviet pioneer camp. Beef and buckwheat sauce. And, of course, the national dish “haluzh”. Cheburek with Adyghe cheese.

I saw beautiful women over 50 years old. They also want to live their own lives. Well, we need to relax somehow. Although with a pioneering link.

The head of the “Forward to the USSR” camp, Lyudmila Ovcharenko, in everyday life works as a teacher in a dormitory of a technical school. That’s why her voice is hoarse. But here the soul rests. And her voice is decisive.

We are sitting in a cafe. And we look at each other as human beings.

– You still don’t understand that this is a game? – Svetlana Teslenko laughs.

And then I realized. Of course it’s a game! And then I started to think. But war veterans were real. And Vasilich, 70 years old, who came from his town to the meeting. And flowers and beauties with white socks and bright eyes behind a network of wrinkles.

What’s the game here? This is life.

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