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Roza Syabitova: “It is not Larisa and I who bother, but the heroes of the program”

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 02:31:01

Rosa Syabitova and Larisa Guzeeva return to the screens from August 28 after a break of a year and a half. Your new co-host is artificial intelligence.

Photo from: Channel One

The 15th season of the program ¡Casémonos! After a break of a year and a half, the television program “Let’s get married!” returns to the screens, where single people still come in search of a life partner (or partner). They updated the setting and added to the permanent hosts Larisa Guzeeva and Roza Syabitova a modern assistant – artificial intelligence. The program adapts to the times. Artificial intelligence will make predictions about compatibility, give advice: in a word, cooperate as best you can. But the meaning of the program remained the same: to help single people and single people to start a family.

On the eve of the premiere, KP.RU discussed with the matchmaker Rosa Syabitova the tasks of the program in the new TV season.

– 15 years “Let’s get married!” on the screen. How have today’s heroes, who come in search of the second half for the transfer, changed?

– Everything has changed. Life does not stop. A whole generation has passed through the show and now we see that the characters are completely different. Three years ago we even legislated the age of young people up to 35 years inclusive, before it was up to 30 years. Some brides and grooms under 40 do not think at all about family life, “a glass of water”, etc.: they look for themselves, make a career, enjoy life, live well, well. As they themselves say: now 30 years is the second 20, only now they have become smarter and better. It’s a bit difficult for me as a matchmaker. But I am adapting to the new realities. I must not subdue young people under our clichés, on the contrary, we must understand and help them. And find new ways to reach young people, find a common language with them and convey information to them: why the family is very important, why, despite the achievements of medicine, it is necessary to have a baby before a certain age. Of course, they make big mistakes because they are the first generation of adult children. Grow? Yes, but at 50 years old. Will they be very sick? Yes, it will be bad. Because at 50 we enjoy life, and they will go through their child’s adolescence, and they are unlikely to have time to give birth anymore … And they will retire much later. My task is to understand the new psychology of this generation, to develop new instructions without abandoning the old ones. Together we will find solutions.

Rosa Syabitova explains why young people divorce so often.

Photo from: Channel One

– How is it calculated if the hero lies or tells the truth?

– There are many ways to detect lies: behavior, gestures, etc. And I own these ways of detecting lies. In addition, before recording the program, I carefully receive and study the “layouts” – transcripts of many hours of the editor’s interviews with the heroes of the program, which contain a lot of information about the program participant. When the hero begins to tell some fantasies and fables about himself (especially young people sin with this), I immediately talk about it. Both Larisa and I have our own ways of revealing this lie in a more artistic way. We deftly bring the hero into clean water. How Larisa and I achieved this is removed and the necessary information remains, which is included in the program. This is a TV show where airtime is limited and dynamic is needed.

– How to fill out a participation form in “Casémonos” in such a way that they pay attention to it and invite you to the program?

– The format of the television program provides for a public dialogue that develops around some kind of story that can provoke an emotional response and genuine interest in the public. If the participant reports that she grew up in a wonderful family, she received an excellent education and had no dramatic stories in her personal life, what will we talk about? We need an interesting story, and Larisa and I will ask interesting and provocative questions about this story. You don’t need to fantasize. The stories that life invents, you will never invent them yourself.

Heroes of the 15th season of the show. To become a member of Let’s Get Married! you need to fill out a questionnaire on the First Channel website.

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– Does age matter?

– “Let’s Get Married” is not a television marriage agency. I have a marriage agency and there is an age limit: I do not take age. And in the program “Let’s get married” there are no age limits. People at any age want to start a family and we help them. Only the degree of success will be different, it largely depends on the age requirements of the groom or the bride. In addition, in the program “Let’s get married!” Very different participants appear (for which some condemned us) – bloggers, “ducks” (as people have long called women who are too interested in changing the shape of their lips). But these heroes also want to start a family. Our program is a reflection of different generations, trends in society. It is not us who bother, but these heroes. If a person wants to start a family, but his appearance or philosophy of life is different from the classic, this does not mean that we will not let him participate in the program. Come on!

Updated program study.

Photo from: Channel One

– To reduce the number of divorces, various initiatives are proposed at the regional level. One of the last resonants: a marriage proposal, presenting certificates of absence of drug addiction and HIV infection. What do you think such initiatives can affect something?

– The initiative is good. There have been many such initiatives. But since a marriage was registered without certificates, so it is registered. And I think it is unlikely that such a law will appear at the federal level. But that is not the point. The problem of divorce among young people will not be solved by any certificate. I communicate a lot, I photograph with young people. I studied this topic for a long time, including with fellow psychologists. What conclusion do we come to? The problem is that today young people live under the motto of being happy, since this is their only life. They get married, but even in marriage they strive to remain independent. Then we understand that this is impossible and that, after the birth of a child, there can be no question of independence. Consequently, when they marry such a philosophy, it is understandable why, at the first difficulties, they divorce. The divorce situation is further aggravated by the fact that this generation is childish and impatient. At 35 years of age, a person often still does not have a family, has not tempered himself, is not responsible for another member of the family… All they do now is run away from the problems that make them unhappy. If the family is bad, then you must divorce. If you don’t like the job, then you have to quit and find another. But we adults understand that this is not a solution to problems. What will happen? Some will have strong marriages because parents or an older partner will help them develop the will to face challenges. Someone will not be able to understand this and will be left alone. There is a possibility that the number of single people will be higher than our generation. This is what is given.

– That is, does the example and help of parents help to conclude a successful marriage?

– Nobody canceled the family scenario. For example, my son and I agreed in the family: at the age of 35 we married him. And the son agreed. And until he was 35 years old he did everything he wanted. We have that family philosophy. I have a daughter who has been married twice and has a daughter. And many of her friends are not married at 31 or 35. I mention and have the corresponding result. Others are different. Family influence is very important. If you can show your children with your life that a family is good, then they will have the desire to start this family.


To become a member of Let’s Get Married! I need to fill out a form

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