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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Scrambled eggs for 1,500 rubles for governors and beef neck for VIPs: what they feed the guests of EEF 2023

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 01:52:23

Waiters at the Ministry of Natural Resources stand, serving only soft drinks with straws

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF-2023) is currently being held in Vladivostok, on Russky Island. This is a big corporate event about business, technology, culture and a little bit about politics (this time without world leaders, but President Vladimir Putin will speak at the plenary session). The event was large-scale: delegations from ten foreign countries arrived. Several thousand people gather daily on the FEFU campus (this exemplary territory became the forum platform).

And they all need to be fed.

After all, the forum is like love: it comes and goes, but you always want to eat. So what do they invite guests to?

VEF’s most modern restaurant is called “Deck 12”, after the number of the floor on which it is located. A property with views of Ajax Bay and the Russian Bridge. VIP guests will eat here: governors, mayors, senior officials of ministries and senior managers.

For breakfast they serve pancakes with black caviar (3,900 rubles), cheesecakes (1,100 rubles) and shakshuka, that is, scrambled eggs with tomatoes (1,500 rubles). The cheapest is oatmeal with soaked apples (950 rubles).

A fragment of the menu from the Deck 12 restaurant, the most fashionable establishment of the EEF 2023.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

The main menu is purely metropolitan! However, there is nothing to be surprised about. The cooks of this establishment were brought from Moscow and St. Petersburg. As an appetizer they serve a collection of caviar with toast (15 grams of black, red and pike – 12,000 rubles), brioche with foie gras (bread with pate for 4,900 rubles), Kamchatka crab tian (vegetable appetizer, 4,200 rubles). ).

For hot turbot fillet, stewed bull neck and confit goat. All dishes from 3100 to 6000 rubles. The most expensive product is Far Eastern delicacies (octopus, crab, scallops and mussels for 22,000 rubles).

The Russian fish restaurant opened its doors at the main entrance of the exhibition center. He comes to the EEF every year; This is a project of the Federal Fisheries Agency. Still, the Far East: here Neptune himself ordered!

Restaurant “Russian Fish”.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

The menu consists of three sets (i.e. sets or correctly called “plates” of dishes). The “Primorsky Breeze” set (3,000 rubles) includes fish soup, smoked red salmon tartare with avocado, Far Eastern squid, Kamchatka pollock fillet and seasonal vegetables with sesame oil.

No less interesting is the “Magistral” of the same price: Asian tom yum soup (fish with coconut milk), baked oyster with cucumber tartare, sea scallop with strawberries, crab with avocado, seafood noodles and shrimp. Eat up! But the portions, of course, are restaurant-style.

The cooks at this establishment also came from the capitals.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

The most expensive dish on the menu is whole Kamchatka crab. From you 15,000 rubles. The manager of the establishment assured that the crab had a lot of meat, enough for four to eat.

Another panoramic restaurant was opened on the 12th floor of the exhibition center. The menu consists of a set lunch for 3,900 rubles. You can select one item from each course.

Salad: Far Eastern shrimp with arugula and parmigiano, salad with roast beef and pumpkin with honey, colorful tomato salad with mozzarella and pesto sauce.

Soup: creamy Far Eastern seafood, pularda (fatty chicken) broth with croutons (croutons), pumpkin cream soup.

A fragment of the menu from the restaurant at the EEF 2023 exhibition center.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

Spicy: Amur halibut with bisque sauce (made from crustacean shells), duck leg with pear or crispy eggplant with tomato, zucchini and tofu.

Desserts: cheesecake, honey cake, cherry strudel with ice cream.

Drinks: tea, coffee, fruit drink, water.

However, there are areas in the forum where any guest can have a snack for free. Confit thighs and foie gras are not served. Kurabya cookies, oatmeal, fruits and tea and coffee are at your service.

Free snack for all guests.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

But the gastronomic part of the forum does not end there. Almost every stall attracts guests with some type of food. More often coffee with chocolate. A bank organized a national wine tasting. And the Ministry of Natural Resources opened a non-alcoholic bar. Instead of cocktail straws, dry straws.

Non-alcoholic bar menu Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

What do you think of the appetizer? Special fire regime: blackberries, saigan-dail grass and pineapples. Or Taste of the Earth, beet juice with coffee. According to the bartender, the greatest demand for Far Eastern drill is the reduction of kvass (the drink is first evaporated to form something resembling a concentrate) with honey and ginger. Served in a test tube.

In vitro cocktail.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

The forum supermarket has many products from South Korea. You can buy instant noodles for 200 rubles or multi-colored soda for the same price.

South Korean products in a local supermarket.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

And this is how they feed the journalists: salad, main course and dessert. Let me salute the chefs who cook for our brothers: it is very delicious!

Journalists’ lunch.

Photo: Andrey ABRAMOV

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