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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Sergei Stepashin: Let the US know how we build in the liberated territories

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 16:05:21

Sergei Stepashin

Photo: Viktor GUSEYNOV

… – Sergey Vadimovich, hello! This is Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, Alexander Gamov, Stepashin’s assistant. Evening in the main news – such information, very curious.

“American journalist Jackson Hinkle admired the new residential areas in Mariupol on Twitter. A video began to circulate on the Web, in which one of the residents of the place showed an apartment in a new residential complex and could not contain his joy. “Putin built beautiful apartment buildings in Mariupol,” an American colleague put it this way.

And another comment from my colleagues: “Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin announced plans to introduce 500 thousand square meters of housing in Mariupol.”

– Mariupol is your sponsored city, Sergey Vadimovich. That’s why I couldn’t call you. How would you comment on this enthusiasm of the Americans? Besides, everyone in the United States reads about Khusnullin, about Mariupol, about Stepashin…

– First of all, I am glad for the Americans that they will finally find out the truth about what happened and is happening now in the liberated territories.

Well, my respects to this guy, well done, who wasn’t afraid to come out and say some honest words.

And as for Mariupol, you remember our conversations on this topic, already repeated.

– Yes, of course, we had several interviews.

– The tasks set by President Vladimir Putin and life will certainly be carried out.

I do not have any doubt

Several thousand builders work.

In addition, I personally know many managers of construction companies. He communicated with them many times.

Brilliant job Marat Khusnullin, Ministry of Construction. Local builders were also brought in, which, by the way, is very important.

And it is very nice that not only high-rise buildings are being built.

Now the restoration program of individual housing construction has already been actively involved (in the sense – it is being implemented. – AG).

There were many private houses there.

Those who have traveled to Mariupol know that when you approach the city the first things are small private buildings.

Now it’s a completely different look.

So, Sash, as we said, in two years there will be a garden city, according to the famous poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky.

– Wait a minute … Actually, as far as I remember, Khusnullin said – in four years, Stepashin – in three. Now you proclaim – in two.

– I mean – no trace of hostilities.

– Oh…

– No traces of hostilities, it’s quite obvious. Some houses are being demolished. In fact, they have expired a long time ago. They were built 60-70 years ago.

By our laws, they would have fallen under the emergency squad long ago. (We are talking about emergency housing. – AG) The fact is that in Ukraine there is no concept of emergency housing. they have – emergency brains.

– Clear. Marat Khusnullin held a meeting of his operational headquarters the day before. And they approved requests (that’s why this meeting is interesting) from new regions for special loans from the Treasury. The funds will be used to improve public infrastructure. This is what Stepashin talks about all the time. Thanks to this, we will be able to improve the quality of services for both DPR and LPR residents. Apparently, and Zaporozhye, and the Kherson region too.

– This is a new approach.

It is clear that the budget is not unlimited.

But a Treasury loan, and a long-term one, is exactly what makes it possible for inflation not to break out, for the emissions machine not to turn on.

By the way, I think that in the near future we will be able to extend this approach not only to new territories, but also to other regions of the Russian Federation.

– That is, it is, as it were, a proving ground there, and then all this will go en masse …

– No, not the Sash test site, these are our territories that need to be restored at a rapid pace.

To be honest, I would call the training ground where our guys fight.

– And the final question. According to my information, you will have a meeting with Marat Khusnullin the other day. Will there be discussions, among other things, of these big projects you talked about? I am already addressing you as Chairman of the Public Council of the Ministry of Construction of Russia.

– Indeed, in the near future we will hold a meeting of the Board of Trustees (Stepashin is its chairman. – AG) of the Territorial Development Fund, where we will consider all these issues.

– And yet, since I cannot lag behind you in any way … There, you know, this advice of yours will take into account one more point that Khusnullin drew attention to at a meeting of the headquarters: in new regions go to carry out comprehensive work to update Housing and communal services and SKK. What is SKK?

– This, I think, is better to ask Marat Khusnullin. In general, he was philosophical about abbreviations, especially in Soviet times. You always have to figure it out.

– Understood.

-… The Investigative Committee is, in fact, the Investigative Committee. (laughs)

– No! If we are talking about a construction site, moreover, an impact one, then, most likely, it is the CCM – the Quality Control Service. Thank you!

– And – “Komsomolskaya Pravda”!

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