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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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“Single”, “Remember my voice”: 5 new books with which you can reflect on life

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 08:05:51

Loneliness and reconciliation with the past, the desire for a better life and the fear of change, plus, of course, love and friendship. These novels address issues that are close to many of us, so that reading will not only captivate, but will also provoke reflections on our own lives. Together with the Liters service, we have made a selection of books in which an exciting plot and an intellectual context coexist.

Daisy Ronzhina

It took a long time for Margarita Ronzhina to become a writer: she attended master classes, honed her pen in short prose, looked closely at reality in search of prototypes of heroes. The novel “Single” is the author’s debut with many meanings. This is the story of a mother who is alone with her son. Her apartment for her is something like an isolation cell. Within her walls, the heroine remembers the past, finding in it both a source of pain and a reason for happiness. Rethinking the past helps to find strength in oneself for a new life: learning to build healthy relationships with people, accept losses and accept oneself. According to critics, the novel goes far beyond the definition of feminine prose, offering readers a strong story in which character development and transformation is the foundation of the plot.

Julia Alvarez

Julia Álvarez is a Dominican-American writer and poet. The major event of her entire life was her emigration to the United States at the age of 10. The inhabitants of noisy New York seemed heavenly to the girl: they were smarter and richer, had unusual habits. This feeling of admiration and loss in the big world, as well as the gradual awareness of oneself as part of a new environment, is close to the main characters of the novel. Like the author, the four Garcia sisters moved to the United States with their families, leaving their former measured way of life forever. In the new city, they try to act like “real Americans” and little by little they understand that their culture and their native language help them to be different and give them the strength to live.

Yvonne Owuor was born in Kenya and received a European education. Critics call her an ambassador of African culture and worldview, which are based on respect for the environment and the inner world of man. In this novel, the writer herself expressed her growing up experience, during which she had to combine the African and the universal in her own mind. Like the main character in the book, she had to go through trials to regain her sense of home and security. The girl Ayaana and her mother Munira live on an island off the coast of Kenya. Both face rejection from others and keep to themselves. The situation changes when the sailor Mukhiddin arrives on the island. Strange in these places, he is friendly with the girl, with whom he replaces his father. Will this friendship between an adult and a child pass the test?

Ben Aaronovich

British Ben Aaronovich is best known as the screenwriter of the cult science fiction series Doctor Who. As a writer he focuses on other genres: fantasy, horror and police investigation. The author combined all this in his action-packed novel. PC Peter Gant investigates the mysterious murder of saxophonist Cyres Wilkins. Everything indicates that death occurred as a result of supernatural circumstances. To understand them, the hero will not only have to apply logic, but also remember what the sorcerers taught him. For this he will have to risk his body and his soul. Who will help to gain confidence in the power of magic? Just two are England’s last magician, Thomas Nightingale, and jazz aficionado Simone Fitzwilliam.

Santa Montefiore

English Santa Montefiore absorbed several cultures at once. Her father is British, her mother is Argentine and in her later years the writer converted to Judaism. All this is reflected in the novel, based, according to the author, on real events that take place in different decades of the last century. In the 1940s, the love of young Florence and Rupert is put to the test: a war breaks out in their homeland. In the 1980s, 20-year-old Max embarks on a life-changing journey. In the 1990s, an elderly Florence receives a strange message. All these events are connected by the person of Simon Jacobs, who believes in mediums and must write a book on reincarnation to discover how souls wander in the bodies of members of the same family.

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