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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Slava said that she broke up with her husband because of his trips with prostitutes.

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 18:30:29

Slava singer.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Anastasia Slanevskaya (Slava) announced a break with her common-law husband, Anatoly Danilitsky, at the end of last year. The singer and businessman lived together for 18 years, they have a common daughter, Antonina. The businessman more than once publicly apologized to her wife and declared that he loved her. But the artist stood her ground: Slava assured that Danilitsky had betrayed her. But in the end, the show’s star’s heart softened and she accepted her 71-year-old husband back. In an interview with Pavel Volya, Slava said that she wanted to break up with her husband because of her trips to prostitutes.

For the first time, the artist’s marriage broke down 12 years ago. So the reason for the breakup was mutual betrayal.

“The first reason is that I found a young guy, and he also found some kind of young fool. It was about 12 years ago,” Slava said on TNT’s Show of Will.

The couple managed to reconcile and began to live together again. But last year, Danilitsky was again seen in a nightclub with young girls. According to Slava, her husband had fun in a nursing home with prostitutes.

“Now I had a lot of work, and he had little work, he decided to have fun with some prostitutes in a nightclub. I was offended and then I think… Let’s go home,” said the star.

Now, according to Slava, she and her husband have “a love to the grave, both fools.” Earlier, the singer said that Danilitsky made her a marriage proposal; after all, the spouses still live in a civil marriage.

The singer lived with Anatoly Danilitsky for 18 years.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

“We reconciled with Anatoly, he proposed to me for… the 28th time. I don’t know how many they were. But we are so good! Well, where can I get away from him? Now everything is fine, everything remains the same as before. Pah-pah-pah!” – said Slava, 43 years old.

In the wake of feelings for her husband’s betrayal, the singer even went under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Slava underwent a facelift, liposuction, and breast plastic surgery. She was operated on by the famous surgeon Timur Khaidarov. Slava recently publicly accused Aesculapius of lacking professionalism. According to her, the breast plastic surgery was unsuccessful and she now has one breast higher than the other.

“I lived under stress for a year, I had to put on a bra or be shy, I couldn’t look in the mirror. To be honest, I backed down at first. Like all the actresses whose chests were mutilated, she wanted to collect compensation. But not. Because I advised them (subscribers – Ed.) He was advised, and I will not accept any compensation, I will only say that you do not need to do your breasts, ”Anastasia Slanevskaya said on social networks.

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