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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Soldiers of the 103rd Regiment showed Putin’s all-terrain vehicle to Rostov schoolchildren – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 02:34:30

– We wanted to organize a performance for our defenders for the holidays. Many of them have already fought in Donbass and returned to Rostov in rotation, while others may be sent to a special military operation. Children and parents prepared letters and collected gifts. Let the fighters on the front lines know that they are proud of them, loved and welcome home,” said Tatyana Ipatova, a primary school teacher at secondary school number 15.

Then the wrestlers took the stage. Buryat soldiers gave children and comrades several songs in their native language. And although the words were incomprehensible, the melodies moved the audience so much that the audience set the rhythm for the musicians.

Located on the outskirts of Rostov-on-Don, the 103rd Motorized Rifle Infantry is known not only to its command, but also to the enemy, who fears it. The regiment’s soldiers stormed Popasnaya and Marinka, which Ukrainian militants had turned into a fortified town in eight years. Roman Rudakov from Bataysk served here, who refused to surrender and before his death wrote on a stone: “Whoever finds me, take care of my mother, my sister and my brother.”

It should be noted that the meeting between schoolchildren and soldiers is not a one-time event: in the regiment, these lessons in courage and military affairs are held regularly, once a week. And this time, despite the frost and biting wind, the schoolchildren laid flowers in front of the monument to the fallen heroes of the special military operation.

– It is wonderful when children read books about military exploits and patriots, but it is even more important when they see with their own eyes and meet real heroes: ordinary soldiers who fight for them and so that they do not hide in basements. but he played, he studied, he grew. And you know, these meetings are necessary not only for children, but also for us, the military. After communicating with children, the soul becomes more cheerful, the self-discipline of the fighters increases and… a person changes for the better, has a different attitude, or something like that, towards the joys of life and appreciates the little things pleasant.” – said the sergeant major of a reconnaissance platoon with the call sign Stary.

The sergeant earned his call sign thanks to his long service: he started in 1993 in Tajikistan, and then toured all the hot spots of the North Caucasus. With the creation of the Northern Military District, he was on the front line during the assault on Popasnaya and is now training new scouts.

The pedagogical initiative of the military found understanding in the regional branch of the Parents’ Union.

– We, parents and children, want children to be more serene and respect their elders. So that they read more books, become interested in history and sports. Many parents refrain from communicating with their children and believe that the main thing is to bring money to the family and that others should take care of the child. But it’s not good. Children, especially boys, need to learn from the example of adults, and who can set the best example? Of course, father. That is why we, fathers and children, collect humanitarian aid, weave camouflage nets and meet with the heroes of the Northern Military District,” said the head of the regional department, Vladimir Burmistrov.

Rostov schoolchildren organized a festive concert for the soldiers. Photo: Nikolay Grishchenko/RG

Motorized riflemen showed the children how to fight the enemy. The combat response group conducted exercises with shooting and camouflage means – aerosol smoke bombs. Then the boys and girls had the opportunity to take a closer look at the weapons, equipment and equipment: armored vehicles with the smell of gunpowder, Tiger and Akhmat armored vehicles. The children received special attention from China’s newest Desertcross off-road vehicle.

– Last November, President Vladimir Putin held a meeting at the district headquarters and was presented with this all-terrain vehicle. The all-terrain vehicle is designed for patrol and reconnaissance operations, as well as raid and search and rescue operations. It can transport off-road up to 530 kilograms of various cargo, as well as landing troops and wounded. Now these all-terrain vehicles are fighting in the Northern Military Region,” said Sgt.

The field kitchen caused great joy among the children. The cooks prepared a soldier’s lunch for the boys: buckwheat with stew, sandwiches, tea and gingerbread. No fast food restaurant can compare with the popularity of soldiers’ dishes. The parents and school teachers who accompanied the children could not believe their eyes: the capricious and sometimes overly picky children managed to eat two portions each.

soldier’s recipe

A military chef with the call sign Luka shared a recipe for military-style buckwheat porridge:

“To prepare it you will need a kilo of buckwheat, a can of pork or beef stew, a carrot and onion, salt and pepper to taste. We select the fat from the can of stewed meat and place it at the bottom of the cauldron. Melt it and sauté the randomly chopped vegetables. Mix the frying with “stewed meat, add buckwheat, salt and pepper to taste. Pour water so that it completely covers the buckwheat and cook until cooked. Then let it sit for about ten minutes and serve. “.

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