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Star love stories: how successful foreigners decided to live with their wives in Russia

Date: May 28, 2024 Time: 18:57:01

Marina Fedunkiv cooks borscht for her Italian husband Stefano Maggi.

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Enviable foreign grooms often choose to live in the homeland of brides and wives – in Russia. This is confirmed by numerous stories in star families. We tell 5 stories of very different happy star families.

2 years together

Marina Fedunkiv and Stefano Maggi celebrated their second wedding anniversary in the summer: the couple signed at the MFC, and then played a luxurious wedding with the master of ceremonies, the friend of the bride, Nikolai Baskov. Italian Stefano Maggi works in Moscow as a top manager of one of the companies. The couple met by chance, at a mutual friend’s party.

Actress Marina Fedunkiv told KP.RU: “Stefano says that he was impressed by my lightness, directness and positive attitude. And Stefano circled me so carefully that I submitted. I was lucky: next to Stefano, I can be both weak and vulnerable, and less independent. Stefano is the only man next to whom I felt like a woman, because he created all the conditions for this. His care for him is manifested not only in the fact that he is not afraid to take responsibility, but that he is always able to find the right words for me in different situations, to calm me down and support me. The couple lives in Stefano’s apartment in Moscow or in Marina’s house near Moscow. Stefano knows Russian very well and even jokes perfectly in it. Marina learned to speak a little Italian.

Fedunkiv feeds her husband with dishes of Russian cuisine: “Borscht is part of my mandatory culinary program at home. Stefano loves my borscht. I confess that I do not consider myself a culinary genius. But my husband showers me with praise every time this is the best motivation for me! This despite the fact that Stefano himself knows how to cook very well. In our family, he is responsible for pizza and pasta, and I am responsible for borscht. Stefano and I are essentially homebody. Our perfect day together is spent at home with our animals: no restaurants, no parties, no guests. If we both have a day off, we’ll definitely spend it without strangers. Also, on this day, we immediately have so many things to do that we cannot redo them. We do not entrust them to anyone, we drug ourselves from life.

The Italian husband is 13 years younger than the Russian wife, but this doesn’t bother anyone except a few malicious gossips on social media. Marina has a lot of tours and Stefano has business trips: “We managed to miss each other. And more valuable the time we spend together. Perhaps this way of life will support the degree of our relationship. At the same time, we are constantly in touch, even on the most ridiculous questions. Sometimes I can send him such nonsense or call him with a completely idiotic request at a time when he has an important meeting. Then, of course, I scold myself… Sometimes I go on a business trip with my husband, especially if it’s Italy. Then we try to guess so we can stay there a couple more days and relax.”

The couple visits Stefano’s mother and other relatives in Italy (the man comes from a Lombard family of noble origin – the Maggi family is well known in Italy). And the married life of 52-year-old Marina Fedunkiv is being built in Moscow.

Dina Korzun and her husband Louis Frank moved from London to Moscow.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

25 years together

Actress Dina Korzun with her husband, a Belgian musician, composer and director Louis Franck and their children, after many years of living abroad, returned to Moscow for permanent residence in 2021. Their love story deserves to be filmed. Louis Frank came to Moscow from New York in 1995: at that time he was studying at an American university and, as part of a group of foreign students, he studied on Oleg Tabakov’s course at the Art Theater School-Studio of Moscow. Dina Korzun was also a graduate student there, she too was married with a 4-year-old son. Louis saw Dina and fell in love with her: then she did not know English and they communicated with gestures, they were just friends. When he finished the course, the director returned to the family and told relatives and friends about Dean: they were against his returning to Russia for his chosen one – an artist, also married with a child. Louis complied and went to work in Canada. He corresponded with Dina for two years, there was already constant love and thoughts about each other. Dina divorced, and the couple began to live together. After the film “Countries of the Deaf” (1998), Dina Korzun became famous, she starred a lot in the West – in the USA, France and England. She then moved with her husband abroad: she lived for 13 years in Switzerland, in England. She worked at the Royal National Theater in London. In England, Dina and Louis had daughters: Itala (2008) and Sofia (2010).

The family returned to Moscow in 2021. Dina Korzun immediately mentioned several reasons for moving from England: in London, she began to feel hostility towards the Russians; she didn’t like the too tight restrictions during covid. But the main thing, because of the children: a psychologist appeared at school (a man in a skirt and high heels), they imposed “sex education” lessons. And then Dina she said to her husband: “Louis, I beg you, you see what is happening in the world. Let’s go to Russia, it’s the safest place.”

Dina and her husband acted together in a production of an autobiographical tragicomedy. Korzun said: “The children go to Russian school, although they studied in English all their lives. We are happy. In Russia, people think they can talk. I am very glad that we are here. It is difficult for my husband. Read, write and speak Russian well. But he is torn apart and thrown beside him by both his family and his friends…”

Lyubov Kazarnovskaya and Robert Rostsik built a house near Yaroslavl.


32 years together

Lyubov Kazarnovskaya shone on the world’s most famous opera stages. In 1989, she married an Austrian producer of Croatian origin, Robert Roscik, and in her youth they managed to live in different countries: where they worked. A native Muscovite Kazarnovskaya said that her husband remarkably fit into our lives: “Imagine, he is Austrian and knows Moscow better than I do. When we lived in Vienna for a long time, he began to miss Moscow. She constantly said: “We are going to Moscow. There is life, there is impulse! For a long time, Lyubov and Robert have been living in Russia, and not only in Moscow, they built a house in a village in the Yaroslavl region and moved there: to the village of Vyatskoye, which was described by Nekrasov in “Who Lives Good in Rus’”.

Ekaterina Andreeva believes that she was very lucky with her husband – a gift of fate.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

32 years together

TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva and businessman, lawyer Dushan Perovich first signed, and a few years later they got married. Dusan is half Serbian, also a quarter Montenegrin and a quarter Russian. At the end of the 80s, he came to our country for work: he opened a representative office of an international company. On TV I saw the presenter Ekaterina Andreeva and fell in love with her. The screen star hosted the morning show once a week: Dushan waited for Wednesday to write another letter of his last name in a notebook, as the subtitles quickly disappeared and then he did not know our language well. When the surname was collected, Dushan connected acquaintances and made inquiries: they told her not to try: Andreeva is delicate, and no one managed to “make up” with her. Then Perovich decided to cheat: he called and offered her a job, when Katya came to the meeting, she quickly found out about him and resigned. They did not see each other for three years. But then Andreeva divorced, and Dushan found out: she began to court, and Andreeva occasionally went to the theater or restaurant with him. The man had to try to spend a couple of years to melt the heart of the beauty. The TV presenter’s daughter Natalya accepted Dushan and fell in love. Dusan Perovich then expected a prestigious job abroad: but he remained in his wife’s homeland and here he also succeeded in his field. The man understood that his wife would not be able to build a brilliant career abroad and did not even ask her to move.

Ekaterina Andreeva believes that she and her husband were lucky: “He is a real man: he surrounded our entire family with love, care: honest, faithful, ready for anything for the family. He will never miss my call or Natasha’s, he will do everything we ask of him. Andreeva says about the secret of a long marriage: “This is some kind of coincidence that happened in heaven. Happiness. Every day you wake up with a person next to you and you understand that you are not tired of him. And that you want to see him, feel his skin, inhale his scent, hear his voice. We have a rule: at 12 o’clock, be sure to call each other to find out how things are going. This is really a gift of fate, which does not depend on me. Apparently, I somehow deserved it.

The son of actor Steven Seagal – Dominic Seagal with the Russian girlfriend Irene Danilova.

Photo: personal archive

1 year together

Actor, director, producer and businessman Steven Seagal received Russian citizenship seven years ago. Now Steven Seagal spends a lot of time at his house near Moscow. In Russia, Steven Seagal and his son Dominic Segal, 33, have a business. Dominic also met his beloved woman here – gossip about an imminent wedding. Dominique Segal has been building a serious relationship for a year with Irene Danilova, editor-in-chief of SCREENPAPER magazine, founder of a communication agency, as well as a model and winner of the Beauty of Russia-2015 contest. The couple met in Moscow at a closed social event: Dominik, on the advice of acquaintances, approached Irene to meet and agree on cooperation; they discussed the possibilities of promoting her brand. This is how they began to communicate, after a while the man began to demonstrate the seriousness of his intentions. The couple went on vacation to Altai and St. Petersburg, they communicate in English, but Dominik is actively learning Russian.

Irene Danilova told KP.RU: “We spent almost all of this year in Russia. Of course, there are moments apart when we both solve work problems, but most of the time we always spend time together. We feel comfortable in Russia and we really like to develop here, and so far I don’t see any reason to leave the country. But personally, myself and Dominic are also people who travel a lot. What I have always done had an international context. Dominic also has adventures abroad: he doesn’t think in terms of just one country. We have many international contacts, friends and many opportunities not only in Russia but also abroad. We are probably the type of people who are not tied to one place, although we consider Russia, and Moscow in particular, to be our home. I think in the near future we will definitely be here.”

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