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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Stars over 45 in swimsuits: Ekaterina Klimova, Valeria and Olga Kabo shine with luxurious figures

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 09:18:37

Ekaterina Klimova works hard to stay in shape

Photo: social networks

One week left until the end of summer. The stars are enjoying their last days off before the start of a new season of television, tours, theater and concerts. And someone has already returned and shows a photo of their vacation.

We show you the figures of the stars who in August showed off their photos in a bathing suit on social networks.

Natalya Senchukova, 52 years old

The singer wore a spicy tattoo on her stomach. The singer’s husband, Viktor Rybin, took a photo of Natalia on the deck of his ship in the Moscow region. Natalya Senchukova now only sunbathes in the afternoon, since several years ago she was cured of a basalioma (a malignant neoplasm of the skin). Rybin was also diagnosed with a basalioma. The couple successfully recovered, but now they follow certain rules every summer. Senchukova told us: “Fortunately, this disease is curable. We have been cured for a long time. Now we sunbathe correctly, learned from our mistakes. The oncologist told us that in our latitude it is possible to sunbathe after 4 in the afternoon. But be sure to put on sunscreen. I don’t want to be pale in the summer, so I like to get a little tan. If you overdo it, wrinkles will appear. Therefore, everything should be in moderation.

Natalya Senchukova now only tans after four in the afternoon.

Photo: social networks

Ekaterina Klimova, 45 years old

The actress will spend the summer on a cruise on the Volga. Ekaterina Klimova’s troupe consisted of her youngest daughter Bella, a friend of the artist Tatyana Lyutaeva, and her granddaughter Nika. The protagonist of the series Klimova did not miss the moment and as soon as the sun came up she went to sunbathe on the deck of the ship. Ekaterina poses correctly: she stood in the direction of the wind and showed a tattoo on her thigh. The mother of four children spends a lot of time and effort to preserve her beauty and youth: the best cosmetologists, modern procedures, sports. Klimova says: “Over the years, I love Pilates more and more. Outer beauty is something that after 40 years you have to work on. Genetics, of course, are good, but it all depends on the person, on his taste. I am friends with clinics, doctors, I listen to advice, I try to learn about new technologies, procedures, but at the same time I am afraid of cardinal experiments. What advice can I give? The care must be regular and you must follow what the beautician advises. When should you start doing it? As soon as possible”.

Ekaterina Klimova travels along the Volga

Photo: social networks

valerie, 55 years old

The singer spent the summer at an Italian resort, sunbathing differently from other tourists. Valeria knows the secret of healthy, wrinkle-free skin – not to tan under the scorching sun. Valeria asked her husband to move the lounger from the sun to the shade for this very reason. The singer explains: “It’s amazing how my attitude towards tanning has changed over the years. The last month of summer is coming up and I’ll just lie in the sun a couple of times. Now, at 55, I keep the remaining collagen, it is destroyed by exposure to sunlight.

Valeria after 55 years began to hide from the sun.

Photo: social networks

Olga Kabo, 55 years old

The actress was lucky with genetics. However, Olga Kabo, after 50 years, periodically undergoes wellness procedures. Before the start of the theatrical season, she spent her vacation in a health resort in the resort town of Gelendzhik. Kabo underwent all kinds of procedures: hydromassage, Charcot shower, yoga, swimming pool, etc. And, of course, she visited the sea every day.

Olga Kabo rested and improved her health in Gelendzhik before the theater season

Photo: social networks

Alena Sviridova, 61 years old

The singer rests from her tours at her favorite country house in Kerch. For Alena Sviridova, this is the best holiday: “The flowers are fragrant, the nightingale is flooded, everything is perfectly clean, comfortable, soup on the stove, kefir and homemade eggs in the refrigerator, vegetables in the garden, a guitar in a case. Happiness! “The other day in the Crimea, the artist celebrated her birthday and took this photo: the guitar is here by analogy with the graceful figure of Alena.

Alena Sviridova and her “guitar” figure

Photo: social networks

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