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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Strange behavior and hallucinations: Mikhail Efremov’s son may be disabled after a tragic fall

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 08:07:21

Mikhail and Nikolai Efremov in the play “Plant a Tree.” 2020


Nikolai Efremov, 31, has been in the hospital for the fourth day. The son of actors Yevgenia Dobrovolskaya and Mikhail Efremov fell out of the window of his Moscow apartment on Proletarskaya early Thursday morning. Mikhail Efremov bought a kopeck piece on the third floor of this house for Nikolai when he found out that his child would soon have a baby. The tragedy occurred when the neighbors were still sleeping and did not see anything, and the victim’s wife Vlada and her 3-year-old daughter Alla (named after Nikolai’s grandmother, People’s Artist Alla Pokrovskaya) were not at home. Relatives periodically left for a while when Nikolai binged … At about five in the morning, a passerby found him on the street and called an ambulance. For some reason, a frying pan from his kitchen lay on the floor next to Nikolai. Efremov was conscious during hospitalization and said that he was home alone and fell, by accident. Nikolai Efremov received serious injuries: a fracture of the pelvic bones, a fracture of the right hip, elbow, there was a lot of blood loss due to a damaged artery, a large intra-abdominal hematoma. After the operations, the man’s condition remains serious, but the threat to life has passed. Nikolai’s mother does not answer calls, and his father is in a general regime colony, serving a sentence for a fatal accident, committed while intoxicated. We restore the image of the tragedy according to the stories of the man’s acquaintances.

Ilya Sagliani said that Nikolai is a kind and wonderful person … until he drinks

Photo: personal archive

Star producer, talk show pundit and journalist Ilya Sagliani told KP.RU: “Unlike Nikita’s star brother, Nikolai was not particularly friendly with any of the actors. He could borrow some money from colleagues and acquaintances. The guy is talented, charming, but there are no big roles. He Sometimes he could drink and immediately change! Who says otherwise: he drank, because there were no papers. Nikolai often kept all emotions and experiences in himself, according to information from the environment: while he drank, he became a different person. Nikolay always aspired to be in the spotlight, but in the world of cinema – ups and downs – the cycle of acting. Recently, he was in a depressed state, in a state of emotional decline. And at the very beginning of the acting path there was a guy with burning eyes. How he became the way of drinking … maybe genes. He gets along with his brother Nikita, but nothing else. It seems that everyone always knew about this problem with alcohol in the children of Mikhail Olegovich, but did not discuss it. Nikita himself said that he was encrypted. But he could not persuade his brother … Alcohol is an addiction, so the Efremovs have all the problems. If a person is weak-willed, then such misfortunes happen … “

The victim’s neighbors now say: Nikolai Efremov periodically drank, it happened and he quarreled with his guests, and the day before he came to borrow 300 rubles from them. Sellers of the alcohol market next to the house reported that Nikolai was a frequent visitor, but this week he was surprised: he mixed up the shops and came to them to exchange expired kefir … They are discussing information that Nikolai Efremov has all the problems due to alcohol addiction. According to unconfirmed information, Nikolai Efremov has been registered in a psychoneurology dispensary for several years, where he applied due to hallucinations; and last spring he was found drunk on the street and taken to a drug clinic, where the man said that he had quarreled with a taxi driver who did not believe that he was the son of “the same Mikhail Efremov” …

According to preliminary information: at the time of the fall, Nikolai Efremov was not in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication. Supposedly, he told the passerby that he found it that he heard voices that led him to the balcony, from where he fell. Her wife spoke on the phone with Nikolai Efremov a few days before the tragedy: Vlada said that her husband had not drunk for 5 days and that she was going to buy detergents to clean the apartment for her return with her daughter. she. A woman with a child periodically left Nikolai, and when he stopped drinking, she returned home.

Nikolai Efremov graduated from GITIS. The last time he acted in a movie and had a serious role in the play was in 2020. Most of the time, the roles of the heir to a famous family were small, and he received them more often, thanks to the efforts of mom and dad. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Nikolai was unemployed, and then his problems with alcohol began… The pandemic and lack of work caused him to break.

Now friends and relatives fear that Nikolai Efremov may become disabled after fractures and serious injuries.

Yevgenia Dobrovolskaya with his wife and the daughter of his son Nikolai Efremov at the premiere of the cartoon. The actress has a good relationship with her daughter-in-law, who did not leave her son in a difficult situation. 2022

Photo: NTV

Everyone hopes that Nikolai will give up alcohol after such an emergency. In addition, he has a good example in his eyes: his older brother, 35-year-old Nikita Efremov (son of Mikhail Efremov and Asya Vorobyova), in 2023 celebrated 5 years of sobriety. Nikita Efremov is not ashamed to admit: “For a long time I drank alcohol in excessive quantities. When I realized the existence of this problem and admitted it, first of all to myself, it became easier to deal with the disease. Unfortunately, alcoholism in Russia is a big problem and we need to talk about it openly.” Nikita was helped to overcome addiction: work with a psychiatrist, with a psychologist, group therapy, a 12-step program to combat addiction.

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