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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Student campus project presented at the session of the VEB.RF development institutes – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 13:05:52

The purpose of the session is to engage development institutions in working on integrated solutions for campus development, for example, to develop financial and educational support mechanisms, to find out in which areas and projects companies can share their experience and knowledge.

Let us remember that the concession contract for the creation of an international inter-university computer campus was signed at the SPIEF-2023 property. The concept of its creation in conjunction with aerospace, automotive, medical, construction and other specialties was developed under the leadership of Governor Dmitry Azarov and corresponds to the development of the national project “Science and Universities”.

During the session, Dmitry Bogdanov emphasized the need to create conditions for the interaction of universities with industrial partners: “It is very important to form scientific and educational teams in these growth points of specializations that can complete state tasks related to independence. technology today, in that sense, the development institutions that you represent today are a great palette of support mechanisms that may be needed on campus with their own special products, since we understand that some scientific and educational competence is concentrated in one place, said Dmitri Bogdanov.

One of the participants in the meeting was a student of the Samara State Technical University Matvey Stepanov. He submitted an application project online for a campus with smart scheduling, a health support service, and the ability to create a student grade. Matvey’s team came up with this idea the day before at a strategy session for students, organized by the project’s concessionaire, ProCampus N° 1.

Such a foresight session was a response to the desire of students to participate in the process of creating their campus, noted Alisa Denisova, Executive Director of the VEB.RF Business Block, General Director of the management company PROcampus No. 1: “All participants in the process of creating a campus are active in Samara: not only grantor and grantee, but also a student audience. Prospective students from our campus come to us with proposals: create a student council, a media center, a campus editorial office. In addition, they generate ideas for complex architectural and IT projects. We will pass on the most interesting proposals to professional designers, and the wishes of the students will be realized and taken into account in the formation of the project.”

The meeting with the students took place on July 6 at the Boiling Point of Samara University. Queen as part of the campus project on the principles of participatory partnership. This approach implies involving future consumers in the formation of ideas for the campus: students, local residents, teachers, industrial partners. Literally in two hours, students of five universities: Samara University. Koroleva, Samara State Medical University, Samara State Technical University, PSUTI and SGEU generated interesting ideas. In addition to the high-tech proposal of Matvey Stepanov’s team, several more projects were developed: the creation of a unique community to support StudConnect students; a team of “architects” proposed to develop the area near the Samara Arena stadium at this time and create a campus park; the media team announced the creation of an IT campus editorial office; The students suggested launching branded routes to campus in the future: shuttle buses, streetcars, and electric trains.

Now all these ideas will be taken into account by teams of adult professionals, and after deep analysis, some projects can be implemented on the territory of the future campus. Conditions for business development in the Samara region are created thanks to the national project “Small and Medium Enterprises”. A special organization created by the regional government interacts with companies in the “one-stop” mode in the Samara region. The Investment Promotion Agency accompanies all projects from the idea stage to providing assistance after the start of production.

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