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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Tamara Globa made a forecast for all the signs of the Zodiac: “August is a time of opportunities”

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 08:46:06

Tamara Globa studies the movement of the planets, the activity of the Sun and other important data for her astrological calculations, thus preparing horoscopes. Photo: telegram channel

The most popular astrologer in the country, Tamara Globa, recorded a new forecast on video. According to her calculations, it can be assumed that August will be a month of plans and opportunities for many, the main thing is not to lose vigilance. We listen to a new horoscope from Tamara Globa and highlight interesting fragments – the advice of an astrologer.



August is full of exciting hands-on activities. You will bring things to perfection, you will think of new plans. This will bring financial success. Reassessment of values, new opportunities – this is the time of August. It is also the time of love. Previous relationships will bring you much of what you aspired for. Loving people will support, there will be an opportunity to rest, which is combined with work. At the end of the month, be very attentive to what is happening around you; try not to quarrel with your loved ones. And at the beginning of August, try not to spend everything you have accumulated.


There will be many acquaintances; interesting meetings, trips. Many people will trust your practicality, the knowledge that you give to others. Work will bring success. It is possible to conceive a child. August is a time of opportunity: use it to find new things to do, a new job opportunity, to get the funds you need.


August will bring new acquaintances and also meetings with people who loved you. A good period for repairs to completely re-equip everything related to everyday life. Good time to start exercising. Don’t forget about your parents. At the end of the month, pay more attention to rest, take care of children’s affairs.


Those born under the sign of Cancer will spend a lot of time learning, replenishing their knowledge base and working with the word. Be very careful with transportation and with your vehicle, especially at the beginning and end of August. This is a time of opportunities to win, thanks to your charm. This is the period when friends will come to the rescue; relatives and loving people will also take part in your affairs.


The period when old connections return; you will wait for events that will bring success both in personal affairs and at work. Be very careful in financial matters at the beginning and middle of the month. In the middle of the month, deception and seduction are possible. There may be disappointments. Try to bypass dubious acquaintances. A good time to earn money is except the beginning of August. The shopping period, financial opportunities, personal success. Venus resides in Leo and, of course, she hallows your way: she seizes your opportunities and your charm.


You will develop an unprecedented activity. Efforts will be required to implement ideas and projects. The focus is on your intellect. New ideas will appear that you will also put into practice. There will be success in the trips, the roads will bring you much of what you aspired to. But at the beginning of the month, try not to quarrel with loved ones, with personal and business partners. Take care of your property. In the period around the new moon (August 16), keep an eye on what is happening behind your back so that there are no material losses.


The period is full of preparation for a new stage. You are thinking about plans, issues related to work, but at the beginning of the month and the beginning of the third decade, disappointments are possible. Plans that relate to relationships with friends, prospects that were described a little earlier, can change in mid-August. But at the same time, help will come from successful people with a powerful character (leaders); By joining them, you will be successful in many ways. Health must be treated throughout August. Get involved in what you don’t know yet.


August is a time when you spend a lot of time with friends, family and creating a new business with them. You will develop perspectives related to autumn. Research questions about the new work. There will be plans for a new job. There will be both physical activity and intellectual activity: combining them, you will create a new business. Beginning of August: be especially careful on the roads. Take care of the children. Save money for the people you love, try not to spend money on everything you like: waste will bring bad luck.


The month is full of projects. He works them out together with management, but not all of them will be carried out. Detailed study will be important, since the subsequent period will require attention to everything you do, study, invest in your work. The beginning of the month, in no case do not invest in what you think is wrong, in new dubious projects, they can fail in the middle of autumn. Good time for procreation; for creativity; travel. Rest will be combined with work. End of the month – friends will come to the rescue, try not to quarrel with them.


It is necessary to pay attention to children; take care of loved ones. In the third week of August, do not invest in dubious companies and do not bet. Success is possible away from home, the roads will be interesting – there will be new acquaintances, opportunities. A good time for study, transfer of experience, for physical work, sporting success.


August is the period when you will study things related to your work, practical activities and also do repairs. There will be great help for other people. You have to take care of yourself and your health. Pay attention to technology at home and at work. Give lots of energy and attention to your loved ones. In no case do not spend money on outfits and things that you consider inappropriate.


Be very careful on the roads, at the beginning and also in the middle of August. Water needs attention, health needs to be protected. In early August, try not to spend a lot. Don’t give too much to someone you don’t think is important to help. At work related to activities that you like and are interested in – get success, recognition, good earnings.


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