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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Tatar grandmother-robot and a graceful story about a maniac: what was shown at the Koroche festival

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 20:22:14

“Take and Remember” is a moving comedy starring Roza Khairullina.

Photo: frame of the film.

“Take and Remember”

A film shot predominantly in the Tatar language; Gentle and touching comedy with the brilliant actress Roza Khairullina in the title role. This image has a very simple plot: the parents of a child who came to visit his grandparents die in a plane crash. Grandparents do not know how to tell the child about this. In desperation, they start playing “take it and remember” with him: when you break a chicken breast bone, and then when they give you something, I must say “I remember.” This game infects the entire village and the fate of its inhabitants is changing, but this is the weakest moment in the picture and you should not pay attention to it. And she stands over Khairullina, who at some point, having lost in “take it and remember it” (and everyone does everything so that the child wins, if only he does not think about his parents), depicts a robot, putting a cardboard box head with slits for eyes. Her companions, Rabit Batulla and the young Yunus Tairov, are also great.


Ironically, the festival catalog called this film a “crime thriller” and “drama”, when in fact it is pure comedy. Its heroine, played by the beautiful Vera Kincheva, is madly in love with the writer who parasitizes Nabokov’s fame (he published the novel Humbert Humbert). It is clear that he does not deserve her love and will not stand the test of feelings. The writer is played by Yuri Bykov (he is not only an actor, but also a director, the author of The Major and The Fool), and the critics’ opinions were divided: some felt that he fit the role perfectly, others that the beautiful Vera Kincheva could not lose her mind to that clumsy and pompous fool that she portrays.

“It’s true”

This is really a detective thriller and drama – a story about a provincial town in which a maniac ends up. He kills children. And in the center of this gloomy plot is a guy (Kuzma Kotrelev), who has just been imprisoned for drug possession. We cannot understand the whole film: is it the same maniac or not? everything fluctuates like a candle flame, inclining first to one thought, then to another. In some ways this is similar to the recent “Centaur” with Yura Borisov, but there, to be honest, everything was built more crudely and simply. Everything is done elegantly here, and the main merit is the director Maxim Kuznetsov. Pravda may not be as big a hit as Centaur, but an arbitrary ten minutes shows that Maxim is a real director, and not an impostor (as in Russian cinema, unfortunately, it happens all the time).

“Time is over”

A comedy based on a play by Marina Krapivina about a middle-aged social worker who helps the elderly and disabled. Meeting hysterical feedback, as they say now: an old woman throws a tantrum at him because she did not buy her products in Pyaterochka for a promotion, but in Perekrestok without shares, and she did not save a couple of hundred rubles. The life of a social worker is far from sugar; only affirmations help (which in Soviet times were called self-training and were fully used in the script of the film “The Most Charming and Attractive”). The heroine also mutters under her breath something like “I am the most charming and attractive”, “today is the best day of my life”, “I am happy and everything is fine with me”, and in the end she really gets fed up with everything. Unfortunately, this happens two hours after the beginning of the film, which in the middle begins to collapse and fall apart before our eyes.


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