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Tatyana Doronina: Honestly, I spent seven years with each of my husbands.

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 08:19:42

After the film “Three Poplars on Plyushchikha” popular rumor instantly “married” Doronina and Oleg Efremov, but in reality the relationship between them was quite tense. Photo: Frame from the film.

The famous French film director Claude Lellouche, after watching the Soviet film “The Big Sister”, once said: “Doronina’s walk across Palace Square in Leningrad is brilliant. Sophia Loren can’t even walk like that.” At the same time, the actress, who overlooked Lauren (in every sense), starred in only a dozen films during her long creative life, and overall, only a few of them were really good. She last starred in a movie was almost 40 years ago. But most viewers still consider her one of the country’s leading actresses. She has many fans who admire her acting charm and feminine beauty. There are also many who can’t stand her because of her gestures, affectation and for her specific, breathy voice. Well, at 90 years old, not leaving anyone indifferent is also a talent. Any of her actions (whether she left the position of artistic director of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater or moved with their cats to an elite sanatorium) is actively discussed in the press. She is always interesting to everyone, as if we are not talking about a theater actress, but about a rock star. In reality, she has always been herself: a rock star of the dramatic stage.


It is interesting that the future “rock star” was born into a very simple family. Her parents are peasants and moved from the village to Leningrad in search of work. And it is not surprising that in the film “Three Poplars on Plyushchikha” she, naturally, played the village woman Nyura, who came to Moscow to sell homemade ham. To play this role, she was guided by her mother.

While still in primary school, at the request of his teachers, he went to secondary school and with inspiration recited Konstantin Simonov’s poem “The Gunner’s Son”. At age 16, after the eighth grade, she tried to enter the Moscow Art Theater School, confident that when she was seen, she would be accepted immediately. She really made a good impression on the examining committee, but she was disappointed by the lack of a certificate: they advised her to finish school and only then start studying to become an artist. She what she did two years later. Her classmates at the Moscow Art Theater School were Evgeny Evstigneev, Viktor Sergachev and Mikhail Kozakov. And even against the background of such obvious talents, she remained the favorite student of her teacher Boris Ilyich Vershilov. She studied excellently, but after graduating from the Studio School in

In 1956 she was not accepted into the Moscow Art Theater. They explained it in different ways: some said that he was too special, too bright a person, others associated it with his character, which had been difficult since his youth.

Instead of the Moscow Art Theater, she received an assignment to Volgograd, where she went with her classmate Oleg Basilashvili, who became her first husband. But a few months later they were called to Leningrad, to the Lenin Komsomol Theater. And two years later, Georgy Tovstonogov invited her to the BDT and made the condition of the director that she would only work if she and her husband were hired. Tovstonogov was amused by this charming impudence and took them both away.

His work at BDT marks the years of his incredible glory. The public flocked to Doronina. Critics wrote: “Every time she appeared on stage like lightning.” She played Sophia in “Woe from Wit”, Lushka in “Virgin Soil Upturned”, Masha in “Three Sisters”, Nastasya Filippovna in “The Idiot” … she was Georgy Alexandrovich’s favorite actress.

Tatyana made her film debut in 1955 in the film “First Echelon.” Photo: Frame from the film.

But at the height of his fame, he decided to leave for Moscow to join the Moscow Art Theater, much to Tovstonogov’s chagrin and to the delight of the entire company: his relationships with his colleagues had always been difficult. By this time, she had divorced Basilashvili and this, as he later admits, saved him from oppression. Doronina will call her departure from Tovstonogov a betrayal, for which she will have to pay for a long time. Never again in her life will there be so much love from the director.

A new husband was waiting for her in Moscow: the playwright Edward Radzinsky, who would write several wonderful works for her. But, in her opinion, family has never been the meaning of Doronina’s life. Just the theater. She herself said that she was used to relying only on herself in life. I have never sat on a man’s neck. And with her husbands, and in her life there were five of them (in addition to Basilashvili and Radzinsky, they were the actor Boris Khimichev, the theater critic Anatoly Yufit and the party worker Robert Tokhnenko), she was always on equal terms: “I had a wonderful and beautiful life. , talented, intelligent and charming husbands. Honestly, I spent seven years with each of them.”… As if this were not a family life, but a prison sentence.


Popular rumor “married” them many times to Oleg Efremov.

They met on their first film (Doronina was still a student) “First Echelon” about the development of virgin lands in Kazakhstan. Efremov played the main role, Doronina got one episode. On the set of this film, Efremov became interested in another young artist, Nina Doroshina.

Later he met Doronina on the set of Tatyana Lioznova’s legendary film “Three Poplars on Plyushchikha.” And a year later they met again in the film “Once More About Love”, where Efremov’s character loves the heroine Doronina and she is passionate about something else. But in life everything was different. They say that Efremov could hardly stand Doronina and considered her insincere.

When the Ministry of Culture forced him to take Doronina back to the Moscow Art Theater (where he left in the early 70s to go to the Mayakovsky Theater, and after 13 years he wanted to return), part of the team opposed her return. Efremov still took him, but gave him almost nothing to play with. Tatyana Vasilievna has a very strong energy, she influenced the audience even when she was silent on stage. “She had the same energy in life,” says writer Tatyana Bronzova. “Her mood affected the team. She is a very difficult person.”

After the release of the films “Elder Sister”, “Once More About Love” and especially “Three Poplars on Plyushchikha”, she became a movie star. For three years in a row, readers of the magazine “Soviet Screen” named Doronina the best actress of the year. But at some point they suddenly stopped filming it. The directors were afraid of her whims, but she explained everything by saying that she simply had bad luck in the cinema. But Tatyana Vasilievna remained the queen of the stage, and even when the Moscow Art Theater, which she headed for more than 30 years, found itself on the fringes of the Moscow theater scene, she still had her audience.


daddy chops

For a year now, Tatyana Vasilievna has been living in the Yugo-Zapadny gerontological center, surrounded by the staff and her cats. There she plans to appear on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky after renovation.

It would be difficult to call this center a nursing home: the conditions there are excellent. Although any establishment where people over 80 years of age live will always resemble a nursing home.

There Doronina continues to be pampered and her whims are taken into account.

Until recently, their favorite food was prepared at the theater buffet and taken to the gerontological center. The fact is that her father worked as a chef in a sanatorium: in the theater they went crazy to discover how to cook “those same cutlets” that dad made for Tatyana.

She’s still hard to please…

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