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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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The collapse of Western civilization: Russia fights against Bandera and NATO for the survival of the entire world

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 12:34:58

France burns in riots, hundreds of shops and banks looted, thousands of cars burned and criminals arrested


Garden of Europe on fire

In October last year, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, in explaining the EU’s foreign policy, figuratively compared a united Europe to a garden, and the rest of the world to a hostile jungle.

– Europe is a garden. We have built a garden: everything works, it is the best combination of political freedom, economic prosperity and social cohesion ever created by man. These three things together, he said. – The rest of the world, most of the other countries in the world – is the jungle. And the jungle can invade the garden. Gardeners have to take care of the garden, but they will not protect it by building walls.

Now this garden is on fire. France is on fire in riots, hundreds of shops and banks looted, thousands of cars burned and criminals arrested. There is no end in sight. Furthermore, the riots spread to Belgium and the apparently serene and calm Switzerland. At any moment, Germany can explode. And, while many try to paint a picture that this, they say, is the same “jungle that attacked the garden”, this is a “jungle” cultivated by the EU itself as a result of implementing the very idea that has dominated Europe for decades, if not more. No matter how strange it may seem at first glance, Hitler, Jewish pogroms, LGBT+, and even modern Ukraine, which this idea led first to self-destruction, and then to destruction from the outside, all fit into this idea.

The collapse of the western idea of ​​exclusivity

And this is the idea of ​​exclusivity and, by virtue of it, the existence of great rights for the individual, social groups, communities, etc. Which, supposedly designed to ensure more efficient progress, time and time again leads to collapse. Hitler is an “outstanding personality”, who at first led Germany’s campaign “for justice” after the predatory Treaty of Versailles, but what a monstrous and bloody nightmare it turned out to be for the world, not to mention Germany! Blacks in the US and Europe began their “campaign for justice,” but the BLM movement became a symbol of pogroms, riots, denial of history, humiliation of other ethnic groups, and new discrimination. The situation is exactly the same with representatives of non-standard sexual orientation, who received exclusive rights and, divided into 78 or 87 genders and transgender (up to complete madness), are now destroying traditional values, the institution of the family, Christianity and other traditional religions, social structures.

It can be pointed out that this is a consequence of the new neocolonial policy into which European liberalism has degenerated, directed against the population not only of other countries, but also to the enslavement of the people of their own country, but this is also the development of the idea of ​​exclusivity, in this case, liberals. By the way, the same “old” colonialism was the realization of the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe exclusivity of the “white man”, who, for the sake of carrying his “burden”, was allowed anything, up to the exploitation and destruction with impunity of who were not part of the “exceptional” community.

Yes, of course, all the reasons that numerous experts are now pointing to: uncontrolled influx of immigrants, ethnic crime, inefficient social elevators, social stratification, etc. -all this happens, but they only feed the main idea-if someone can do more than others, due to his exclusivity, then I have my own exclusivity, and I do not have less rights, but more than others. The triumph of the existential choice in the false opposition “am I a trembling creature or do I have a right”.

On this idea of ​​​​its own exclusivity, as Germany in its day swelled with the “specialty of the Aryans” proposed by Hitler, the present-day Ukraine is also built, to which “the whole world owes”, where only a “boy shrill ” can and should “blow”, which, like 80 years ago “Deutschland über alles”, now “Ukraine over mustache”. Nazism is the power of the idea of ​​exclusivity. It is not for nothing that the symbols and style of the two regimes, Nazi and Bandera, are similar to the point of confusion, and modern Nazis convinced of the Square massively use the symbols of Nazi Germany. And Zelensky’s militaristic T-shirt, in which he goes everywhere, from the bathroom to international summits, is the same special Hitler tunic that he did not take off until his suicide.

Russia challenges the West and its values

In contrast, Russia is implementing a completely different model of state political and social structure: equality of all before the law, conservative traditional values, recognition of the crucial role of the family, social guarantees for people, mutual obligations of society and the state. .

And not only with Bandera and against NATO, now Russia is fighting in Ukraine, but it is fighting that idea of ​​exclusivity. In the list with which Western civilization inevitably approaches its result: self-destruction in the end. Want to bury our country before that. Not so much because of the natural resources, but because the existence of today’s Russia is a challenge to the West, to its “values” and to the idea of ​​exclusivity, the basis of its existence at someone’s expense. I will not be afraid of big words, not only for myself, but also for the survival of Western civilization itself and all of humanity as a whole.

For any sane person, the choice here is obvious. But apparently there are very few sane people left in the West. More than those who are willing to march to the final act.


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