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Monday, June 17, 2024
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The degree of villainy of Vladimir Ilyin will become clear only at the end: what is known about the film “The Fate of the Drummer”

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 02:53:41

Alexander Adabashyan

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

In hall 10, the film studio built a set and recreated the interior of a Soviet apartment of the 1930s, in which, according to the plot, the main character of the film, the boy Seryozha, lives.

In addition to the old telephone and furniture, other details of the life of that time will appear in the frame. Historic Moscow of the 1930s and 1940s will be recreated on site No. 1, where the streets of the southern city (Kiev in Gaidar’s story) will be built next to the courtyards of the former capital, where the outcome.

According to the plot, the hero of the film Serezha, due to a number of circumstances, including dramatic – the arrest of his father, is left without adult supervision. Seasoned criminals (spies and former White Guards) take advantage of this moment and drag the teenager into a dangerous story, from which he emerges as a hero. The director and producer of the film is Anna Chernakova. She is also one of the script writers. Her co-author is Alexander Adabashyan. Alexander Artemovich is also a production designer. Starring: Oleg Mogutov, Vladimir Ilyin, Vladimir Bolshov, Maxim Kerin, Daniil Popov and others.

“KP” called Alexander Adabashyan to find out more about the film.

“Like Arkady Gaidar’s story, it will be a detective seen through the eyes of a child who gets into a dangerous story and doesn’t immediately understand what he’s gotten himself into,” Alexander Adabashyan told KP. – Gaidar has a wonderfully constructed plot that allows you to control the emotions of the audience. At first, everything that happens to the main character seems like a funny story, but then it becomes scary. At first, the boy seems like a fool who flies like a moth into the fire, not thinking that he will burn his wings. In the course of the action, he becomes a true hero. I think that not every viewer would have acted as heroically as Seryozha. Plus Gaidar’s wonderful text full of humor. This is a teen movie, which is so rare right now.

Of the famous performers of the film, Vladimir Ilyin, who plays “Uncle” Seryozha, is removed. According to Adabashyan, the “uncle” played by Ilyin is so sweet that one cannot immediately tell that he is a spy and a bandit. Old Yakov is played by Vladimir Bolshov.

– There are two Soviet adaptations of this story with Vladimir Samoilov and Viktor Khokhryakov, in the role of “uncle”, so charming that until the end it was not clear that “uncle” was a criminal and a scoundrel. I hope we keep the intrigue. Time of action – 1936 year. There is no point in modernizing this story, – says Alexander Adabashyan. – The action begins in Moscow. The plot is lame. Unfortunately, not all modern teen viewers have read Gaidar’s story. They may begin to guess long before that the “uncle” is not who he claims to be, but the extent of his villainy will become clear only at the end.

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