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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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The devil is in the details: which auto parts have risen in price the most in Russia and which components for foreign cars are the hardest to come by

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 23:46:50

Auto expert Morzharetto announced problems with parts for premium foreign cars

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Over the year, spare parts have risen in price How much has the price of auto parts risen and what is happening with their supplies to the Russian market.


… The price is moving at full speed. It seems that for the Russian buyer it is already out of reach. But what is this?! Does the buyer reach it? This is amazing, I can’t believe my eyes! Although the gap between prices and common sense seemed hopeless, but the buyer managed to catch up!

If a Formula 1 commentator were to describe the situation in our car market, it would sound exactly like this. Over the past year, new cars have gone up in price by an average of 24%. But it’s still okay. According to the Avtostat agency, used cars less than seven years old have become more expensive by 38% over the year, and older cars by as much as 47%!

The main reason is that the demand for used cars was much higher than the supply. Deliveries from abroad fell, car factories closed, people feared an even more serious rise in prices and bought everything that moves. According to Avito, in the second quarter of 2023, used car sales increased by 34% compared to the same period last year.

Another trend is that due to the high cost, many car owners decide to use their “horses” to the end.

In such conditions, the question of maintenance and repair comes first. So what do we have now with consumables and spare parts? “Komsomolskaya Pravda” studied this issue in detail.


According to the Avtostat agency, auto parts increased their price by 30% on average. Owners of foreign cars “suffered” the most. Especially the premium ones.

– The headlight and fender cost 150 thousand rubles, although earlier it could be done for 60 thousand. His name is, he gave a friend a ride for a day … – the neighbor in the garage, the unfortunate owner of the Toyota Land Cruiser, complained the other day.

And it’s still not so scary. The biggest problems now are the owners of the great German trio: Mercedes, Audi, BMW. Price tags of 10 million rubles are no longer surprising for new cars. And getting parts for used ones has become a real quest.

– The German cousin acted harshly and actually closed the door. The supply of small parts (belts, gaskets) is still going on. And if we are talking about parts things (engines, windshields, bumpers, radiator grilles, etc., – Ed.), then difficulties arise. Repairs can take many months. The problem is compounded by the fact that our dealers have been disconnected from the software, says auto expert Igor Morzharetto.

According to him, these machines have a lot of electronic components, and some details cannot be installed without going into the software settings. And the Germans closed the access. “Craftsmen” find ways to get around these blocks, but this is additional time and money.


If you take not the premium segment, but simpler cars, then there are no special problems with spare parts. The difficulties were in the last year. Against this background, the theft of easily removable parts (headlights, bumpers, discs) increased by almost one and a half times. But during this time, the company became concerned and arranged for the supply of basic consumables and spare parts.

– No shortage of consumables in principle. They went somewhere officially, somewhere as a parallel import. Filters, oil are what you need for regular maintenance, says Igor Morzharetto.

– There is almost everything and everywhere. And in assortment. And the original, good and cheap analogues. And even prices began to fall. Last year they were uprooted, thinking there would be a shortage. And now they are lowering it. Apparently, they are unloading warehouses, one of the resellers confirmed to KP.

By the way, another interesting trend. Many car owners began to prefer analogues to original spare parts. According to Avtostat, if earlier original spare parts were purchased in 40% of cases, now this share has dropped to 25%.

An analogue (or aftermarket part) is a part that was not produced at the car manufacturer. Generally speaking, a crankshaft for a Ford from Ford and the exact same crankshaft made somewhere in Asia can be very different in price. However, non-original spare parts also come with a license: if the manufacturer has entered into an agreement for the production of parts with the car manufacturer.


But there are things of critical importance that cannot be lost or broken now in any case. For example, an electronic ignition key.

– This is a catastrophe. A friend experienced this. Until the problem is solved. It is almost impossible to make a duplicate. It’s good that the second key remained. But when selling a car, it will immediately be less than 100 thousand rubles, says Igor Morzharetto.

According to the Avtostat agency, auto parts increased their price by 30% on average. Owners of foreign cars “suffered” the most.

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If we are talking about premium European or Japanese cars, as well as rare models, then even a banal set of headlights or brake light can be a big problem. Not to mention some body elements (doors, fenders, wing mirrors), especially in the original colors.

Against this background, many car owners are beginning to reconsider their tastes. A brand is a brand, but a car is still a means of transportation. And I want it to fulfill its main function and at the same time not take too much money.

– There is already a trend: owners of premium European brands reject their used cars. They sell them as a trade-in (exchanging an old car for a new one with a surcharge – Ed.) and buy premium Chinese cars. Of course, they are not one on one with the Germans, but they are already of quite decent quality, Morzharetto claims.

However, not everything is going smoothly with the “Chinese”. From January to May, we imported cars from China totaling $3.6 billion, which is five times more than a year ago. Many brands are new to the Russian market. The necessary volumes of spare parts for them have not yet reached our country. Of course, sooner or later this problem will be solved. In the meantime, in order not to experience difficulties with consumables and spare parts, experts advise buying those Chinese brands that have been operating in Russia for a long time, have a wide sales network, their own technical centers and warehouses. Among them are Chery, Geely, Haval.

By the way, according to the latest statistics, the share of Chinese car sales in Russia has already reached 46%. And it looks like it will continue to grow.


Insurance will save your nerves, but it will not protect you 100%

Any breakdown and accident now hits the wallet more painfully, and the traffic police are already noticing this trend – they say that the Russians have begun to drive more carefully. But that doesn’t always help. Therefore, experts advise buying not only a mandatory OSAGO policy, but also a voluntary CASCO. And in the functions of the latter, also opt for additional protection in the event that the person responsible for the accident does not have a “citizen car”.

The risk, by the way, is quite tangible. According to the All-Russian Union of Insurers, about 6 million motorists do not have an OSAGO policy. This means that in the event of a forced “meeting” with such a reckless driver, you cannot expect payouts from your non-existent insurance company. If you buy CASCO with the additional protection mentioned above, these payments will be covered by your insurance company. Otherwise, you will have to fight your case on your own for a long time and sadly, eliminating a debt from the accident culprit in endless courts.

– Insurance is the only way to save yourself from a sad situation. Yes, refunds can be difficult. It is more difficult to order original spare parts. But at least for the most part, the policy will cover the cost of repairs. You just have to be mentally prepared for the fact that now this is not one hundred percent protection, – says Igor Morzharetto.

According to insurers, now compensation for an accident is not mainly in kind, but in cash. That is, the company assesses the damage and delivers the required amount to the victim. And he already repairs the car himself, at any technical station.


How much did the Russians spend on spare parts?

Foreign car owners: $16.8 billion (in 2018), $21.5 billion (in 2022).

Domestic car owners: $5.6 billion (in 2018), $6.2 billion (in 2022).

What spends more money (in total costs)

Tires 10.7%

Suspension 10.4%

Oils 8.4%

Brake system 6.1%

Filters 4.7%

Management 4.4%

Electrical equipment 4.1%

Transmission 3.9%

Body parts 2.9%

Batteries 2.7%

Others 41.7%

According to the agency “Avtostat”.


45.3 million cars in total in Russia

66.4% of them are foreign cars

33.6% – national brands

315 cars per thousand inhabitants

140% – price increase for new cars in Russia since 2014

2.4 million rubles – the average price of a new car in Russia

2.1 million rubles – the average price of a used car under seven years old

1.1 million rubles – the average price of a vintage car with mileage

According to Avtostat, Rosstat, Avito.

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