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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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The director of the Voronins will shoot a melodrama about Vladimir Vysotsky. The bard’s face will be fully rendered by the neural network.

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 08:14:17

Photo: screenshot from the video

It seems that the new passion for neural networks has captured not only the townspeople, but also the filmmakers. At least the director of Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan (and not only him!) in the strike of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists shouted precisely about the threat that artificial intelligence poses to the human being, and even compared the progress of neural networks with the creation of an atomic bomb.

– When I talk to leading researchers in the field of artificial intelligence, already now, they literally say that the “Oppenheimer moment” has come. They turn to history to ask what responsibility now falls on scientists working on new technologies that may have unintended consequences.

And yet the high technology, the ease, and most importantly the economy with which you can create the faces of actors, replacing living people, attracts and attracts. So, Channel One “revived” Vladislav Galkin for some https://www.kp.ru/daily/27385/4580073/ scenes from the Saboteur series with the help of AI. What I liked, by the way, not everyone.

“I don’t understand why this was done,” complained https://teleprogramma.pro/stars/interview/nid4402889_au73643auauau_cr73643crcrcr_boris-galkin-lyubimaya-doch-raduet-plavaet-kak-kilka, the father of the late actor Boris Galkin. – First they called me, asked how I would react to such a decision, but I did not understand anything that was at stake. So when I saw it, I gasped. Useless tasks. Apart from shame and rejection, nothing provoked. Unfortunately yes.

Now Channel One decides to go a step further and overcome its own image “Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive ”(2011), which at one time made a lot of noise: the bard and the actor were played by Sergey Bezrukov in almost unrecognizable plastic makeup. Another film dedicated to the Soviet movie and pop star is scheduled to be shot.

The new film will be called “Volodya” and, apparently, it will turn into a melodrama, because it will reveal the history of Vladimir Semenovich’s relationship with his beloved women – Marina Vlady, Lyudmila Abramova and Izolda Meshkova.

It is not worth guessing who will play the main character. Vysotsky’s image will be drawn by artificial intelligence (what? Yes!). Director Alexander Zhigalkin, who directed the comedy projects 6 Frames, One for All, Voronina and others, intends to implement the bold and ambitious idea. But the body on which the bard’s face is “stretched” belongs to Alexander Shpagin, an almost finished double of the poet who participated in the Voice program.

“This is a feature film, in which for the first time in the history of cinema a real historical character will be recreated with 100% identity using a neural network,” Zhigalkin admitted. – Have [будет работать] actor Alexander Shpagin, is a godsend for our history. This is a person who has existed in this image for many years. The way of speaking, walking, playing the guitar are very identical to the additional work. I think we will achieve almost one hundred percent similarity.

A special division of Sberbank (AI – Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) will be in charge of the technological part, which has developed “our answer to Midjorney”, the Kandinsky 2.2 telegram bot, a neural network that can recreate terrifyingly realistic images in literally seconds according to the specified parameters, and also mix them significantly with text prompts.

“We work both on the collection of data needed to improve quality and on the technology itself,” said the head of data research at Sber AI.

The plot begins in 1967, when Stanislav Govorukhin presented the film “Vertical”, in which Vysotsky played the main role of the radio-accident operator Volodya (the name of the new picture!), Which glorified him throughout the USSR.

The most important musical component was decided in the same way as in all other modern projects related to the poet: the dialogues will be recorded by the actor and director, director of the Vysotsky Museum Nikita Vladimirovich Vysotsky, who has an almost identical timbre of voice with his father. In addition, the project will also feature a real phonogram by Vladimir Semenovich.

The project will premiere on the big screens and Channel One, but when is still unknown.

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