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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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The elections in Ugra were fair, open and legitimate – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 10:49:39

Experts continue to analyze the results of the single day of voting, but we can already conclude that the 2023 elections were held fairly, transparently, legitimately and with a minimum number of violations.

Under the control of 2300 observers.

“The elections in Ugra were characterized by the opening of the electoral process. The single day of voting was held under the control of almost 2,300 observers,” says Natalya Shemetova, political scientist and associate professor at the Department of Economics and Management at the Ural Institute. “This creates a high degree of confidence in the elections, people went to the polling stations to vote, knowing that everything will take place without violations and that their votes will be counted with absolute honesty.”

It is no coincidence, as experts note, that the elections in Ugra were held with a fairly high turnout of voters.

“In the election of the governor of the Tyumen region in the district, 468,750 people took part, which is 40.5%. The results of voting for the candidates are as follows: Levchenko Ivan Grigorievich – 10.12%, Moor Alexander Viktorovich – 76.13, Piskaykin Vladimir Yuryevich – 3, 88, Denis Vladimirovich Sadovnikov – 7.84%,” said Denis Korneev, chairman of the Ugra Election Commission.

At the same time, which is very important, a minimum number of violations was observed. Thus, for the election of the governor of the Tyumen region, all electoral commissions of the region received only eight appeals.

“Almost everything that the observers say refers to violations that do not affect the results of the vote. Everything that was addressed to the presidents of the electoral commissions was eliminated immediately, on the spot,” said the head of the Regional Public Office to monitor the elections in Ugra, the president. of the Alsou Maganova regional Public Chamber.

“The work of public observers went as usual,” confirmed Olga Sidorova, vice-president of the Public Chamber of Ugra, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and expert of the Regional Public Headquarters for monitoring elections in the district. “The factor is the coordination of work between the head of the headquarters, the coordinators and the foremen. Any nuances,” expressed by the observers, were immediately directed to the headquarters for evaluation. “No serious violations were observed.”

Surveys confirm the results

The fact that the elections were held fairly is also demonstrated by data from public opinion polls, including exit polls. As political scientist Sergei Shvedov points out, the results of the polls in Ugra practically confirm the election results. And this is precisely clear proof of the transparency and legitimacy of the past elections.

Let us note that a special video surveillance system also made it possible to follow the elections in Ugra; Data from 257 district commissions were transmitted to a common video portal. Access to it was provided at the Election Public Observation Center.

“With the help of video surveillance we were able to see in real time what was happening at the polling stations. Anyone could come to us and see what was happening at the polling station that interested them. Experts from the Regional Public Headquarters also worked on the site , which could give a quick legal evaluation of the situation or another situation,” Alsou Maganova said.

A feature of voting in Ugra this year was the large number of municipal elections.

“In fact, in all municipal districts there were elections of heads of rural and urban settlements and deputies,” said the chairman of the electoral commission Denis Korneev. “If we talk about head elections, the United Russia party won almost everywhere, with the exception of the rural settlement of Nyalinskoye, where “the representative of the Communist Party won.” As for the elections to the councils, among the deputies who “They won the elections, 17 represent the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, 4 – LDPR, 2 – A Just Russia, 659 – United Russia, 19 are self-proclaimed.”

“Lets keep working!”

“The single day of voting is over, the results are summarized,” concluded the governor of Ugra, Natalya Komarova, quickly commenting on the election results on Telegram. “468,750 people used their constitutional right. Of them, 76.13 percent supported the current governor of the Tyumen region, Alexander Moor. Congratulations, Alexander Viktorovich!”

For electors working on a rotating basis, residents of remote settlements, camps and representatives of indigenous peoples of the district, voting was carried out in advance. Election commission employees used boats, all-terrain vehicles and helicopters to reach voters. For residents of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions who were forced to move to Ugra, extraterritorial polling stations were organized where voting was carried out in the elections of deputies of the legislative bodies of these constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Mobile voting of voters took place in temporary accommodation centers and at their homes.

“Dear compatriots, Ugra team! Thank you for your concern. Thank you to the members of the district electoral commissions, volunteers and journalists. We continue to work. Our goal is to achieve leadership in the main thing: the quality of life of people”. Natalya Komarova summed up the election campaign in Ugra.

To the point

The elections in Makeyevka, sponsored by Ugra, took place under the roar of shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But this did not interfere with the electoral process, not even at school polling stations where Ugra residents helped with repairs.

“For the new territories, the elections are very important, since the body of deputies was elected to the People’s Council of the DPR and to local self-government bodies, which will subsequently become the basis of legislation in the republic. This event occurs for the first time “after the return of new territories to Russia. For Makeyevka, which celebrates the day of its 333rd founding anniversary, and for the entire republic, these elections are very significant!” – stressed the representative of the head of the Ugra region, the first deputy head of the Makeyevka administration, Yuri Chekunov.

He added that the elections in Donbass had an important priority: the safety of citizens from possible provocations and shelling by Ukrainian security forces. Therefore, the electoral process was carried out ahead of schedule, two days before the unified voting day. All of this is done to reduce risks to citizens.

One of the polling stations was set up in the Makeevka gymnasium, which suffered from shelling by the Ukrainian army and was rebuilt with the participation of Yugra residents.

“No matter how many years pass, I will remember this event with bitterness: on April 28, 2022, at approximately 18:50, another shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place. Our student was killed, a gym employee was injured “The blast wave and shrapnel broke the glass, ripped out the double-glazed windows. Then we collected the damaging elements of the Ukrainian shells all over the school… But thanks to Yugra, the governor Natalya Komarova, the thermal circuit of the building was “Restored, all double-glazed windows were changed and on September 1 we were ready to start the new school year,” said gymnasium director Sergei Zuev.

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