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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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The exhibition “Once Upon a Time in the Universe” at the Krasnoyarsk Art Museum will last until December 24 – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 12:11:01

The authors of the exhibition are Elena and Alexander Krasnov, famous Krasnoyarsk artists, whose works are exhibited all over the world, including in France and China. Where did they not receive invitations for permanent residence? However, as Alexander, who turned 60 this year, says: We all live in space, so what difference does it make where in your space you search and create?

There is no point in asking him to explain how his unusual paintings, graphics and video installations come about. He himself doesn’t know. When asked if he agrees with critics who persistently call him a “cosmic realist,” he also avoids answering: “This is not academic painting at all.”

The most correct thing in an exhibition is to go from thought to thought, from painting to painting, disconnecting from what is happening outside the windows. And then those metaphors and ideas that Krasnov shares will “sound” much stronger and more convincing. One of his most famous works is “Two Figures.” In the context of imaginary space, we see two objects that are similar to each other, but not similar to anything that surrounds a person. The element on the left is a fusion of sophistication and harmony, its opposite are boards nailed together, glued at the base to a flower pot. If analogies arise here, it is with a hastily constructed toy gun. To prevent viewers from shedding tears over the artist’s plan, Krasnov placed clues under some of the paintings. The “two figures” turn out to be divine creation and man’s attempt to create the same thing. “We are too tough to repeat the feat of the Creator” – whether it is a label or a phrase.

In the famous triptych “Three Artists”, which has traveled halfway around the world, a primitivist, a cubist and a surrealist visit each other. They show his masterpieces, drink tea and admire the starry sky. What is the irony? The fact is that no one went to the cubist. You need to be simpler, that’s all.

Elena is responsible for the “simplest” of the Krasnov couple. While her husband captures the “flares” of space, she sculpts sculptures. “Daughters and Sons” is a personal message for my own children. Create propaganda porcelain: dishes with artistic meaning. There are no political appeals here or any supernatural philosophy. On the saucers, teapots and sugar bowls it is written: “Love, create, appreciate beauty and be joyful.” “What more does an Earthling need?” – says Elena. And for some reason I really want to believe him.

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