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Friday, April 19, 2024
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The expert told how to prevent flooding at home KXan 36 Diario

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 02:26:17

If houses began to be built near the river in a meadow, it is possible that the meadow will also periodically flood. However, developers, as a rule, do not pay attention to such problems and, of course, do not tell buyers about it. If the house is built on a slope, there is a chance that it will suffer from flowing water.

Floods due to river flooding don’t happen every year, Goglev notes. Now there are much fewer of them than in Soviet times, since the flow of water is well regulated with the help of dams. But sometimes, due to a violation of the runoff regulation or due to climatic anomalies (unusually heavy rains, excessive accumulation of snow in winter), houses still end up in water.

It is necessary to study the history of this area, advises Goglev. You can request data from research institutes related to weather or construction. But the easiest way is to ask the older locals. Let them remember the cataclysms not only of the last years, but also of the last decades. Floods can be quite rare, but even in this case it is not worth building a house in a risky place. Also ask if there is a storm sewer in the village, if it works.

If the house is built in the wrong place and it starts to heat up, it is unlikely that it will be able to withstand water, it comes quickly enough. You can only try to move valuables and furniture into the attic. Pay attention in advance whether the house is well attached to the foundation; sometimes wooden buildings just float away.

When the water runs out, the wooden house will need a major overhaul. It is necessary to quickly open the casing, remove, and then replace the insulation. In the summer you need to open the windows. You can also use heat guns. If the water did not stop for a long time, the furniture and carpets will gradually dry out, but the insulation that was immersed in water cannot dry out; if it is not replaced, everything will start to rot. However, if the water remains stagnant for a long time, for weeks, then the furniture cannot be saved.

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