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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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The fight against tax fraud collected 16,675 million in 2022, 1.3% less

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 20:29:10

The different actions that were launched against tax fraud allowed a total of 16,675 million euros to be collected during the past year, which is 1.3% less than in 2021. The decrease is due to the extraordinary effects that affected last year’s result. After discounting these extraordinary effects, the homogeneous results reached a total of 15,362 million, which means 2.7% more than last year.

This is reflected in the balance of the control results of the Tax Agency published this Tuesday and collected by the Efe agency. Most of this amount corresponds to direct income, 10,536 million, 16.6% more, while the induced -declarations that were presented after the deadline, but without the need for a prior requirement- reached 813 million, 7, 8% more

The rest corresponds to reductions of returns. Last year, the Tax Agency carried out almost 1.9 million internal tax control actions, 5.2% more, most of them verification. These include 29,394 actions on large companies, multinationals and corporate groups (8.9% more), 2,971 on asset and corporate analysis (2.5% more) and 5,594 on concealment of activity and abuse of corporate forms (5.2 % further).

Control of relevant assets

For its part, the control of relevant assets managed to settle a debt of 546 million from 1,130 files. 97 taxpayers artificially located in other countries were also identified, to which 28.2 million have been liquidated. As regards international taxation, the Tax Agency regularized tax bases for an import of euros in 2022 and reached prior valuation agreements that will guarantee future bases for more than 2,700 million.

Among the actions of the National Fraud Investigation Office (ONIF) is the analysis of the use of bank cards charged to accounts abroad (“offshore”), with which 78.8 million euros have been settled.

Emergence of underground economy

The actions to bring out the underground economy reached 2,312 in 2022, which made it possible to regularize quotas for 435 million euros, 8.8% more, and 122 million were paid to taxpayers who had been subject to entry and registration actions.

In addition, the Tax Agency made more than 29,000 face-to-face visits to sectors and tax risk environments, of which almost 9,800 corresponded to the VAT plan and almost 1,800 were complementary to sectoral macro-operations.

The Treasury also highlights the induced effect of the notices sent to taxpayers to remind them of the need to declare rents, which according to their calculations has allowed the tax base to come out of 7,700 million in the last six years and collect 933 million.

The actions of the collection area allowed the outstanding debt to be reduced to 40,421 million, 3.8% less, of which 15,864 million was voluntary debt and the rest (24,558 million), executive debt.

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