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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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The jury has begun to decide Trump’s fate: five possible options to end the trial

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 07:44:17

Trump trial ends in trial in New York


For seven weeks, heated verbal confrontations took place in Manhattan District Court between representatives of the prosecutor’s office and lawyers for former US President Donald Trump, who plans to return to the White House this year.

Recall that Trump is accused of authorizing trusted lawyer Michael Cohen to secretly pay adult film actress Stormy Daniels $130,000 during the 2016 election campaign. He allegedly received money for remaining silent about her past relationship with a billionaire. It is said that Donald did this so as not to lose the votes of female voters who could condemn the affair of a married man who intended to become the nation’s leader. And after the successful election for him, Trump, according to investigators, reimbursed Cohen for his expenses and spent them on other items. Prosecutors considered these actions a manifestation of corruption. In total, Trump was charged with 34 counts, which could put him behind bars for up to 136 years. The tycoon flatly denies any guilt.

Numerous witnesses from both sides spoke in court, including Daniels herself, who betrayed her former lover. At the end of the day, prosecutors called a key figure in the bribery case, attorney Michael Cohen. He managed to serve time in prison for giving false testimony about his involvement in a deal with a porn actress and has since had a big fight with Trump. Donald now calls his former lawyer “an outspoken liar, blinded by hatred and a thirst for revenge,” while prosecutors, by contrast, see Cohen as “a tour guide to the smoking gun.”

“This case is not about Michael Cohen, but about Donald Trump,” prosecutor Joshua Steinglass said, rejecting defense arguments that Cohen cannot be trusted. “The reason the defendant chose him as his assistant was because he was willing to lie and deceive on behalf of Mr. Trump.” But Cohen gives colorful explanations of the available documents, and these documents don’t lie!

In his closing argument Tuesday, Steinglass assured the jury that he considered it proven that Donald Trump intended to conspire to “commit, conceal, or facilitate a violation of election laws.”

“We are basically kicking a dead horse,” the prosecutor said sarcastically.

Today, the jury, having received legal instructions from trial judge Juan Merchán, will begin deliberating behind closed doors on a verdict against Trump. According to experts, this could take from several days to two weeks, so by mid-June the political fate of the “furious Donald” should be determined.

Analyzing the situation, Politico predicts five possible options to complete the process.


For the jury to find Trump guilty on all 34 counts, they must determine that he not only falsified business records “with the intent to defraud,” but that he did so to cover up another crime, such as violating federal election law. In this case, Trump will almost certainly appeal the verdict.


A jury may find that Trump falsified business records, but he is not responsible for, for example, Cohen’s invoices.


The jury may find that the defendant did not make false business records or induce others to make them, or that he did not make them for the purpose of committing or concealing another crime. In New York State, such a crime is considered a misdemeanor and cannot be prosecuted.

In all three cases, the jury’s decision must be unanimous. But there are two more scenarios.


If a single juror fails to reach the same conclusion as the other 11, Trump will receive a jury that will be considered a “hanged” jury. There have been precedents of this type in American judicial practice. Judge Merchán will then declare the trial unsuccessful. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has the right to review the case, but time is running out before the election and, given the likelihood that Trump could be elected president, it is unclear whether he will do so.


In theory, Judge Merchan could issue what is known as a “directed verdict” to acquit Trump, essentially a judge’s ruling that no reasonable jury could determine that the prosecution had proven its case. Trump’s top lawyer, Todd Blanche, last week asked Merchan to dismiss the case, citing insufficient evidence. This proposal remains under consideration.

The last three options for the outcome of the trial would be a nightmare for Democrats. After all, even now, despite the scandalous trial, Trump is ahead of Biden in most swing states. And surveys show this trend is growing. What will happen if Donald emerges from the legal problems unscathed and accuses his rivals that their attempt to imprison him for political reasons failed?

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