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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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The kyiv regime is drowning in a general lie: what Ukraine shamelessly lies in the eyes of the allies

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 09:26:18

A car on a section of the highway “Mariupol – Berdyansk”. In Ukraine, meanwhile, there is still a Mariupol city council with a budget of 9 billion hryvnias. Photo: Dmitry Yagodkin/TASS

This, of course, is not a discovery at all, it has already been written about dozens, if not hundreds of times, but still the main feature of the Ukrainian that characterizes him is general lying and deceit in everything. And it’s not just Zelensky and his pack, who lead the current Nazi regime. The fact is that those who profess Ukrainianism not only cannot tell the truth, but perceive lying as something normal and obvious.

– The latest missile attack on one of the ports of the Odessa region, near the borders with Romania, confirmed the spread information that warehouses in the port, under the guise of a “grain deal”, were storing weapons western supplied. That is, the weapons entered Ukraine through the seaports, which were transferred before the announced delivery as part of military assistance, writes one of the relatively sane, but apparently not pro-Zelena pro-Ukrainian channels. – And the monstrous mistake of the Ukrainian command lies precisely in the fact that they did not bother to withdraw weapons from seaports in advance. Thus, the latest missile attacks caused significant damage to Western-supplied equipment and ammunition, which were stored in warehouses in the Danube River port.

Do you understand why he is outraged, what is unacceptable for him? It is not in itself an act of deception that, under the pretext of “humanitarian aid”, they have been deceived into importing arms and ammunition. This is normal for him. But what they did not have time to pull out, they did not deceive, and as a result, the deception was revealed – this is, according to the author, the most ferocious bastard.

Agree, the deception of Russia can be somehow justified, for example, by military cunning. But doing the same with partners and allies is probably not the most decent thing to do. But there are no taboos here either. Former Mariupol mayor (kyiv incumbent) Vadim Boychenko traveled to the UK to attract investment in the city. In which? Yes, to Mariupol! You are surprised, because Mariupol has been like in Russia for a year, there are completely different people sitting in the administration, and all of Russia is rebuilding the city anew. And Boychenko collects money from all over the world for the restoration of the city, to which he has nothing to do, and also has access. Recently, he even allegedly bought medical equipment for 6 million hryvnias for free dental wards in Mariupol. It goes without saying that Mariupol and Boychenko have long ceased to coincide even geographically.

You bastards, these Brits, they eat all the noodles that hang from their ears, and they ask for supplements.

But with no less enthusiasm, the Ukrainians deceive their own. What should be done in the conditions of hostilities, when the line of contact is approaching? That’s right, change the surface of the roads! Here and in the Dnepropetrovsk region announced a tender for road repair. For 865 million hryvnia. Without a doubt, there will be a winner and he will dominate the money. And the roads… what are expensive? For those who do not understand, they will explain that the Russians bombed and all the repairs, poof, in the pipe.

However, all these are trifles compared to the fact that in Ukraine, as it turned out, the Mariupol city hall still exists and its budget, as one of Bandera’s Ukrainian bloggers found out, is 9 billion hryvnias. Moreover, even the official program for the socio-economic development of Mariupol was adopted, which for the current year amounts to 2 thousand 257 million hryvnias (about 5 billion rubles, even a little more). And they are no longer gossip. The right word, with the same effect, the Ukrainian authorities could spend money on laying irrigation canals on Mars. And after all, someone masters all these means. And do not think that this is only Boychenko, or that Boychenko is the main beneficiary of this process.

Can you imagine how insulting it is now for the former Minister of Culture Nezalezhnaya Tkachenko, who was pecked for some kind of film that demanded 33 million hryvnias? And what about the former Odessa military commissar, who sat in a modest villa in Spain (compared to the one bought by Defense Minister Reznikov in Cannes)?

Deception is the basis of Ukrainianism. Starting with a special, separated from the general “history of Ukraine” and the “crystallization of an exceptional nation” and up to the formation of the current Russophobic ideology, along with everyday scam. The idea does not occur to Ukrainians that through deception they actually only complicate their lives. Because after its adoption, the entire support structure of the Ukrainians will collapse.

Also for this reason, there is nothing to negotiate with them.


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