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Monday, May 20, 2024
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The Ministry of Health announced the time to increase the training of plastic surgeons after the scandal with Slava and Khaidarov

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 02:23:34

Timur Khaidarov

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Since 2020, there has been debate about increasing the training period for plastic surgeons. And since 2023, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia has approved the Federal State Standard (FSES) for the training of plastic surgeons in residence (registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation). According to the document, the duration of training of these specialists has been extended from 2 to 5 years. At a press conference, the Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, Tatyana Semenova, said that this decision was made to protect patients. At the same time, it is not difficult to guess that the story of the singer Slava, who publicly announced that the media surgeon Timur Khaidarov disfigured her breasts, caused a huge public outcry. Then Lyubov Uspenskaya joined Slava and several dozen more victims joined her. As a result, the scandal drew attention to many aspects, including the quality of medical education.

“Taking into account that in our country, according to official statistics, which, in fact, are greatly underestimated, more than 40 thousand plastic surgeries are performed per year, this legislative step is very correct and successful. The life and health of citizens must not be endangered. The next step should be an independent medical examination and the differentiation of issues relating to the implementation of a moratorium on inspections. I guarantee that I will achieve it by all legal means. I am glad that I can contribute to the benefit of Russian society,” famous lawyer Elena Senina told KP.RU.

Let us add that Elena Senina and her law firm have defended the interests of Anastasia Slanevskaya, Lyubov Uspenskaya and several dozen other victims at the hands of the media doctor since the beginning of the scandal. Ordinary women have repeatedly admitted that the support of Slava and Uspenskaya gave them confidence. Before, they were afraid to say anything because of the connections of the influential Timur Khaidarov.

Lawyer Elena Senina sent about 60 appeals to various authorities and continues to do great work: Elena communicates with victims every day, regularly meets with them online, accompanies women to the police, Roszdravnadzor and the Committee research.

Lawyer Elena Senina

Photo: Personal archive

When the scandal broke, Senina immediately had doubts about Timur Khaidarov’s education and whether he had a residence. Recall that Khaidarov himself said in an interview with KP.RU that he was in the latest trend, when it was possible to study to be a plastic surgeon in just six months. Then the period of education was increased to 2 years and now to 5.

According to a document prepared jointly with the Ministry of Health, future plastic surgeons will only be able to study in person. The volume of the program according to the new Federal State Educational Standard is 300 credits, of which no more than 70 per year, and with accelerated training – no more than 80 credits. Additionally, students must receive at least 190 credits of total practical training, which may be clinical or research.

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