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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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The mistake with your mortgage that you should not make, according to Gonzalo Bernardos

Date: May 23, 2024 Time: 09:43:28

The continuous rises in the Euribor, which are lowering the mortgage payments, have led owners to take hasty measures that, according to experts, are not well analysed. The option to renegotiate or cancel a mortgage loan that affects the financial life of families can have a long-term impact that deserves to be carefully studied. There are alternatives through which you can save money and avoid suffering the effects of the rises in interest rates to which those who have variable mortgages are subjected.

In this sense, the economist Gonzalo Bernardos has issued a notice to all mortgagees in the country. In his intervention, the expert asks that the measures regarding the mortgage be taken with great care and that the option of renegotiation be considered before the cancellation of the loan.

In a speech by the economist on the ‘Más Vale Tarde’ program on La Sexta, he stated: “I think those who cancel have a problem because they have made a decision too hasty because at present there are still possibilities of having relatively low because the banks, especially the wholesale business, what they are doing is offering rates, for example, fixed mortgages at 2.97 and variable rate mortgages in which the first years are fixed at 2.37”.

What are mortgage agencies?

Addressing all citizens who currently pay a monthly installment for the mortgage on their habitual homes, Bernardos stated that these types of conditions are difficult to obtain by speaking with the bank manager, but that there is a way to obtain the best possible conditions: the mortgage agencies.

“Online mortgage agencies offer the possibility of obtaining wholesale prices to a particular client”, which, according to what he points out, “is great advice for the 70.5% of the population that is mortgaged with a variable interest rate”. If you have more than 10 years of mortgage left, “it is interesting to change from one type of mortgage to another.” Through this procedure, as the expert explains: “There would be more than 2.5 million people who can substantially lower what they pay each month and have a lot of peace of mind.”

Most citizens looking for a mortgage make the same mistake: “They come to the bank office and accept what the bank staff tells them.” It is best to take another strategy, which allows you to obtain better conditions in the purchase of a home. “If we listen to what the bank tells us, it is: if you have a better offer, come and we’ll talk. That is, what we’re talking about is that we’ll improve it. An important element to improve the mortgage is to negotiate. Most of them tell you: it’s that I don’t I want to go to 15 bank offices. And I understand it, but that’s what the online mortgage agencies are for and they do the paperwork for you for free.”

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Puck Henry
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