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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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The most valuable car brands in the world: the first only sells electric

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 18:51:40

Once again it is time to review which car brands and manufacturers have the most value, which does not mean that all the brands on the list are luxury or high-end. What’s more, in this year’s Kantar Brandz Most Valuable Global Brands report, the list that year after year evaluates and reviews the value of automotive brands in the global market, has decided that in second position is a very generalist brand and Common among drivers.

Without further ado, let’s talk about which are the car manufacturers with the most market value. Before moving on to the list of the classification, this list is part of a more extensive classification in which different companies in the retail sector are analyzed, paying attention not to sales, but to their capacity for innovation and adaptation to the market, prices. os and a long etcetera.

One of the aspects to which the Kantar report gives special importance is marketing and branding, the care of the brand behind the sales process and how this helps and, inevitably, gives value to the company. In fact, those responsible for this report speak of notoriety, differentiation and relevance to refer to the successful companies that manage to enter their reports and lists.

The three most valuable car brands in the world.

Thus, the most valuable car brands last year were Tesla, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz according to the Kantar Brandz Most Valuable Global Brands 2023 ranking. As a curiosity, the brand that heads this list and that has nothing to do with the automotive industry ( although a few years ago he promised that he would release an electric car) is Apple, the first of 100 companies in total. The sale price of this technological brand would be above 880,000 million dollars (about 814,000 million euros).

In fact, the top three most valuable brands are dominated by technology companies: Apple is followed by Google and Microsoft. On the other hand, a fact that Kantar has highlighted in their report is that Coca-Cola, after having lost fuel, is once again among the 10 most valuable brands in the world from last year.

Getting back to where we are, in 2022 Tesla was the highest-ranked car brand in the world. Its sales value was estimated at approximately 67.66 billion US dollars. The position of this brand in the total ranking of companies is 25th in the case of Tesla and, in fact, its case is highlighted in the report as a successful one, since Tesla has experienced growth that has made it go from the position 47 to 29, reflecting the global trend in electric vehicle sales according to this report.

Toyota, which remains in second position being a much more generalist and accessible brand for the average driver, would be worth close to 28,515 million. Mercedes Benz would cost 22,163 million and the rest of the brands with the highest market value are also German and high-end: BMW (19,433 million) and Porsche (14,944 million).

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