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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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The new arithmetic favorable to Feijóo leaves ERC, Junts and the Canary Coalition in check

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 01:20:12

The change in the number of seats after the recount of the CERA vote, which corresponds to Spaniards residing abroad, raises the party of Alberto Núñez Feijóo to 137 seats, a change in the arithmetic of blocks that led to the provisional scrutiny of the 23J to the right and left, and this new change has put on guard not only ERC and Junts, who are looking for a strategic unity, but also the Canary Islands Coalition, which reiterates its warnings to the popular ones.

In the absence of the Provincial Board of Madrid finalizing the general scrutiny after integrating the vote of residents abroad (the CERA vote), verifying data, correcting errors and confirming invalid votes, everything seems to indicate that the bloc that could invest Feijóo now has more possibilities by complicating the new arithmetic for Sánchez.

Together you have the key

Junts continues to have the key, since Sánchez is obliged to have his favorable vote if he wants to be sworn in -the abstention of the independentistas is no longer enough, since he will only have 171 supports compared to the 172 of the PP-, while the popular they only close the door to EH Bildu and are willing to agree with all the formations that are within the framework of the Constitution.

Sánchez “requires the determined and firm support of both the ERC, the PNV, Bildu and Junts; some companions on the road whose roadmap on more than a few occasions does not coincide with that of the general interest of the Spaniards”, pointed out this Saturday the Deputy Secretary for Regional and Local Coordination of the PP, Pedro Rollán. And it is that after learning that the PP could obtain the 16th seat in Madrid, that of former UPN deputy Carlos García Adanero, which would leave the PSOE with 121 deputies, the parties that stand as keys for both blocks are put on guard.

Canarian Coalition is forceful

The Canarian Coalition, which in principle could join the right-wing bloc (along with a UPN deputy), has reiterated that it will not support an investiture by Feijóo if it puts Vox in the government. His new deputy for Madrid, Cristina Valido, has warned that “we will not consider any support that does not contemplate the commitment of the next Government to the Canary Islands jurisdiction, the Statute of Autonomy and the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF), as well as compliance with the canarian agenda”.

On the other hand, ERC and Junts are also beginning to move in the face of the possibility of an electoral repetition. The ERC spokesperson, Raquel Sans, has acknowledged that the Republicans are in talks with Junts in search of a “strategic unity” to avoid a repetition of elections that “is not in the interest of the public.”

“There are conversations and a willingness to understand” with Junts, he said in an interview on Channel 3/24, although ERC already has advanced knowledge of their claims, which “go through amnesty and referendum and the need to comply with all agreements “.

From the PSOE there is prudence

For his part, the socialist speaker in Congress, Patxi López, has insisted that “the situation remains the same” and has urged Junts to choose between supporting a progressive government or uniting their votes with the PP and Vox, after the majority of citizens said in the July 23 elections that they “did not want any type of revolution.”

The popular, meanwhile, appeal to Sánchez’s responsibility to let Feijóo govern and recall the abstention of some Socialists when Mariano Rajoy was sworn in as president in 2106 with the same 137 seats.

García Adanero could return to Congress, now with the PP

At the moment, García Adanero, a former PNV deputy who voted against the Labor Reform, is still waiting to officially find out if he will return to Congress, this time as a PP deputy, and he shows, in statements to EFE, willing to open a new stage, “especially knowing that troubled times are coming,” he says.

However, it will be necessary to wait a few hours for the Provincial Board of Madrid to finish the general scrutiny of 23J and to finish reviewing the minutes sent by the 7,118 polling stations and to settle the claims that the political parties may later allege.

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