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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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The new red lines of the DGT: avoid fines of up to 400 euros

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 11:20:34

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has begun to implement red lines on Spanish roads as part of a set of new road signs aimed at reducing accidents. These continuous red lines, painted in the center of the road, seek to reinforce the prohibition of overtaking on highly dangerous sections and to educate drivers to moderate their speed.

The first has been recently installed on a 4 kilometer stretch of the A-355 highway between the Malaga towns of Coín and Marbella. This road, inaugurated in 2014 with a forecast of 7,000 vehicles per day, has seen its traffic increase to almost 20,000 vehicles per day, including a large number of heavy goods transport vehicles. This increase in traffic density has caused a notable increase in accidents, especially on the signposted stretch, known as “the road of death”, which in 2023 alone recorded 10 fatalities in traffic accidents.

As indicated by the Junta de Andalucía, the first community to adopt this measure, the signage “influences the prohibition of overtaking in this section of high accident rates” and will be completed with the implementation of four educational radars or digital posters to raise awareness among drivers of to moderate speed and avoid unnecessary advances.

How to act when faced with a red line painted on the road?

This new measure by the DGT seeks to reduce accidents by alerting the driver to reduce speed throughout the section marked in red. As it is a continuous line section, fines vary from 200 euros for turning left and going over the sign, to 400 euros for overtaking.

What are pedagogical radars?

Speed ​​cameras, also known as digital signs, are devices that show drivers their speed in real time when passing a certain point on the road. Unlike sanctioning radars, these do not fine offenders, but instead seek to raise awareness among drivers so that they adjust their speed to the established limits. Its main objective is to educate and promote safer and more responsible driving.

Other measures to reduce road accidents

In addition to the installation of red lines and educational radars, the DGT and the competent administrations are implementing others to improve road safety and reduce accidents on Spanish roads. Some of these initiatives include:

Increase in speed and alcohol controls. Awareness and road education campaigns. Improvement of road signage and maintenance. Promotion of the use of active and passive safety systems in vehicles. Tightening sanctions for the most serious infractions.

The combination of these measures, together with the responsibility and prudence of drivers, is essential to achieve a significant reduction in traffic accidents and their tragic consequences.

Road accidents in Spain

According to the Traffic Balance of the Ministry of the Interior, 1,048 fatal accidents were recorded in Spain throughout 2023, with 1,145 deaths and 4,495 seriously injured. 74% of the accidents with fatalities (849) occurred on conventional roads. Given these alarming figures, the DGT strives to implement measures that contribute to improving safety on two-way roads, such as the installation of red line measures and educational radars.

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