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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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The same record sanctions, the absence of friends and the threat of collapse – what would Russia be like if it had not created the Northern Military District?

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 08:42:08

What would the world be like if we hadn’t started the New World Order and defended our people?

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Science fiction writer Sergei Lukyanenko, in the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio studio, analyzed what the world would have been like if we had not founded the SVO and had not defended our people.


– Sergei Vasilyevich, what would Russia be like today if the Northeastern Military District had not started in 2022?

– Unfortunately. I think it is most likely that Crimea would have remained Russian, but there would have been constant fighting, terrorist attacks and bombings, even more so than now. And within the country, of course, there would be great tension.

– About what?

– People’s indignation and fear that the authorities are doing nothing to protect the Russian-speaking population, to defend Russia’s international positions.

– At the level of rallies and demonstrations?

– I think so. In our country there are people with very different political opinions: there are liberals who believe that we must pay, repent and submit to the will of the West. There are quite radical ones, like my former colleagues who wrote: “It would be desirable to divide Russia into pieces and distribute it among those who are closest.” Fortunately, very few people share this point of view.

But there is another part of the people, on the contrary, more radical. They believe that “stop humiliating yourself before the West”, “stop submitting and allowing them to do with us whatever they want”. And these people would surely also be in the ranks of the protesters. Even now they try to shake them: “We don’t fight like that”, “we weakly hit the enemy”, “some kind of half measures.” Thank God, the majority of the patriotic wing of the population agrees that Russia is doing the right thing.

In general, more and more people would slide towards pro-Western liberalism. And it would all end with our departure from Donbass, Crimea. Most likely, after a while, this will have catastrophic consequences.


– What would happen to Ukraine?

– They would definitely wipe out Donbass. And this is not “what if” thinking, this is your real plan. I know this situation from the people, including those who are there, and it sounded like this even before the start of the operation in the Northern Military District: “If the ridges attack, then we would have to hold out for two days until the Russian troops arrive.” And at the front they said: “We will go down in six or seven hours.” The superiority in manpower and technology was colossal.

– Would kyiv dare to do this?

– Why not? They were preparing for this.

– How would relations between Russia and Ukraine have developed?

– Obviously they would be very bad. Maybe not to the same extent as now. We would continue to support the remnants of the forces that would remain in Donbass, perhaps even bring our troops. Consequently, we would still be charged with assault, battery, etc.

– I would blame the West, which supports Ukraine. It turns out that they would have introduced all these “record” sanctions anyway?

– Certainly. Ukraine is an instrument. And the fact that Western politicians were preparing for war is absolutely understandable.

– When did you understand this?

– Even before the return from Crimea. I visited Europe quite often, watched CNN, BBC and other channels, and there was not a single good news about Russia. We had no achievements, neither sporting, nor industrial, nor cultural. Totally negative: insults to the authorities, to the people, to Russia as a whole. I saw it once and was so outraged (let me remind you, this was before Crimea) that I exclaimed, “Such propaganda only happens before a war.” From that moment on I began to closely follow what was happening and realized that public opinion against Russia was forming. The population is preparing for a military conflict.


– We have very warm relations with China. But if Russia had not launched a special operation, would the Chinese have become friends with their weak neighbor?

– I think relations with China will continue to be quite good; After all, we are neighbors and natural allies. We have nothing special to share. There were weak points, but they were resolved a long time ago.

– What about “China is licking its lips on our territory”?

– All these horror stories that China dreams of capturing Siberia are Western fairy tales to incite hatred. I don’t believe in this. When we believe that “in China people sit on other people’s heads”, “they have nowhere to live”, that is very far from the truth. And its climate is much better than our Siberian one.

But, you are right, there is a difference between good relations with a weak neighbor and friendship with a strong one, which defends not only its own interests, but also common interests, including the multipolar world and the Taiwan question. Then the relationship would be weaker.

Science fiction writer Sergei Lukyanenko

Photo: Alexander ShPAKOVSKY


– But we founded the Northern Military District, we defend our interests, our people, our land. Do you have any idea what the ending will be?

– The final will inevitably be our victory. The only question is what price we will have to pay for this; In any case, it will not be and will be calculated in both material damage and deaths. It’s sad. But victory is inevitable. We just can’t help but win.

– As will be?

– Vladimir Vladimirovich is always ready to resolve things through negotiations. Otherwise kyiv would have been in ruins long ago and there would be territory along the border with Poland that was not very suitable for habitation. I think that in the end there will be negotiations and there will be a kind of small, cozy Ukraine, maybe even part of Europe. Or maybe as part of one of the European countries.

– For example?

– Ukraine traditionally has good relations with the Poles – Taras Bulba will not let you lie. Perhaps a part of the Ukrainian population and establishment will somehow move to this Ukraine, a small vassal or region of Poland. And everything else, through some intermediate state, will join Russia. The main thing is that this takes place without formal signs of statehood. In Ukraine they have catastrophic consequences.


– What will Russia be like after a special military operation?

– I think the borders will move to the west and will include the city of kyiv…

– Mother of Russian cities.

– Well, the mother, of course, turned out to be like that, a little strange, but maybe she will come to her senses. In any case, to secure Russia and deprive revanchist tendencies of what remains, I think it will depend at least on the Dnieper.

– What about Odessa and Nikolaev?

– So these are Russian cities. I understand that they are now overrun by packs of crazy nationalists, I understand that the Russians who live there have gone quite crazy. They will come to their senses.

– Will Russia have relations with the rest of Ukraine?

– I often say that Ukraine could have been “Canada” next to Russia, just as Canada exists next to the United States, but it chose the “Mexican path.” Most likely it will be a rather poor and dependent state, living on handouts, including, I fear, ours. I don’t really want to, but most likely I will have to do something for humanitarian purposes. At the same time, she will remain for quite some time in a state of bitterness and full conviction that she was prevented from becoming the second France in Europe.

– Could adequate leadership appear there that thinks about the people and lives in peace with its neighbors?

– We would like this, and there are certainly such people, but they are not given votes, because Ukraine is controlled manually from Washington, London and a little from Brussels.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN


– What will a multipolar world look like and how will Russia interact with it?

– You see, to save the American empire it was necessary to devour someone. China: it didn’t work. We were the second candidate, but we got together and didn’t allow it. The Arab countries are too small and tasteless; They are already being stolen secretly. Therefore, it is Europe we need as a bitter and scared military and political fist at our side. Then the relationship will be very difficult for 10 to 20 years. It will be difficult to just board Sheremetyevo and fly somewhere to Italy, France or Germany. It will pass, but with time.

– What about interstate relations and trade? Will they understand that they still need to be friends?

– With time.

– That is, for some time now the Western world has been, relatively speaking, closed to us?

– What cannot be purchased directly can be purchased in another way. Just like they buy our oil, our gas. But they understand that they are ruining their industry, becoming poor, increasingly dependent on the United States, but they continue to do it. If a healthy and strong leader appears (there are several, but so far they are not the leaders of the largest countries), he will be able to restore relations. Your country will benefit greatly from this.

– And everyone else will follow.

– So far only Hungary shows some independence. Well, Serbia, of course, is friendly to us at all levels. But Serbia is small, very battered and completely dependent on its environment. The Serbs themselves told me how they were beaten, trampled and surrounded by a blockade. Then they said sadly: “They will do the same to you.”

– Will Orban or his heirs return the former greatness of the Austro-Hungarian Empire?

– It is surprising: we have not always had the best relations with Hungary. And during the Great Patriotic War they fought against us and the rebellion of 1956, which was suppressed by the Warsaw Pact countries together with the USSR. It would seem that we have more grievances than Czechoslovakia and much more recent ones than Poland. But, curiously, some kind of intelligence on his part manifests itself very strongly. Maybe because they had many conflicts and were not falsely silenced, like Czechoslovakia? That she was so poor, busy, while working with all her might for the Germans, she built for them almost half of the tanks and self-propelled guns. But we turned a blind eye to this and taught our neighbors this way: “no matter where these Russians go, they will continue to do what we need.”


– Then what should I do?

– I think that some Eastern European countries should be clearly punished. I would choose Czechoslovakia. So that there are no preferences: no exports, no relations, no embassies. I love Czech beer, but I’ll manage somehow. It seems to me that we must show: “Guys, without good relations with Russia you are nothing and you will suffer.”

– Maybe Germany?

– Germany itself is trying to weaken itself as much as possible. I just feel sorry for the Germans. Traditionally they were pitted against Russia so that we, let’s say, would not become too strong. In those periods when Russia and Germany were friends, that benefited both of us. And how the Anglo-Saxons pitted us against each other, in the First World War, in the Great Patriotic War, since then everything has gone wrong. I think there is no need to follow his example. With the Germans, over time we will mend our relations and rebuild them.

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