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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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The scandal does not subside: Gradsky’s widow explained why a monument has not yet been erected at the teacher’s grave

Date: February 29, 2024 Time: 15:42:40

Alexander Gradsky and Marina Kotashenko. Photo courtesy of Marina Kotashenko

The scandal in the family of the heirs of Alexander Gradsky, who died two years ago, does not subside. Alexander Borisovich has five heirs. Two adult children, Daniil and Maria, from the musician’s third marriage, and two minor children, Sasha and Vanya, from Marina Kotashenko, with whom he lived for almost 20 years and registered her marriage a month before her death. She became an official wife, she took her husband’s surname, Gradskaya, and also became a legal heir. The property, rumored to be worth one billion rubles, was divided among all the children and the widow.

But this distribution did not suit either the older children or their mother, the musician’s ex-wife, Olga Semyonovna Gradskaya. The media made strong statements from Daniil and Maria that their family was and continues to be robbed, that they were dragged to court, that Gradsky’s widow Marina received the majority of the inheritance, that she did not allow A monument will be built over the grave of Alexander Borisovich, and Daniil and Maria do not have the money to install it, so they are very ashamed… Marina responded to all their accusations about the distribution of the inheritance.

This is what she had to say about the monument on her husband’s grave, which she supposedly won’t allow to be installed…

“I approached María and Daniel many times with a proposal regarding the monument, I called them, I sent them a letter, which they ignored. Now the reasons for ignoring them are clear: to continue speculating on this issue, says Marina Gradskaya. – “We do not have money to erect a monument… We would like to very much… We are very ashamed” – these statements were made by Daniil Gradsky near the Tverskoy court building.

Photo courtesy of Marina Kotashenko

However, they were silent about the fact that at that time all heirs by law (including them!) had already received significant sums of money from the inheritance, which would easily (without attracting their own funds) allow them to erect a wonderful monument to his father. . But apparently I don’t feel sorry for my dad’s money. And there are funds available to pursue costly lawsuits against me and my children.

If there had not been a judicial process that has been carried out on his initiative for two years, all the disputing parties would have had much more time and money for the monument.

Through Komsomolskaya Pravda I appeal to Daniil and Maria Gradsky with another proposal to finally participate in the choice of the monument project, because I believe that despite our material disputes and scandals, the monument is a matter of honor, a tribute to the memory of Alexander. Borisovich.


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