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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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The stars are improving the demographics: Nosik, Trubiner, Astakhov and Strizhenovs are breastfeeding the long-awaited babies

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 18:41:19

The Strizhenovs at the baptism of their grandchildren

Photo: social networks

The baby boom occurred in the families of Russian artists. Some stars have just returned from the maternity hospital, while others are hoping for an addition to the family before the end of 2023. The “Kuni” and “Cheburashka” actress Kuzmina even rushed to give birth in Argentina for the sake of the citizenship, for which she was condemned and harshly criticized. Other artists beloved by the public have given birth and plan to give birth in their homeland.

Actor Pavel Trubiner

Actor Pavel Trubiner, 46, breastfeeds his newborn daughter Teresa. Pavel and his wife Yulia Melnikova have been together since 2010. The family is an idyll, something that Trubiner constantly emphasizes: “We do absolutely everything together and live in harmony. Of course, we don’t get to this right away; It took some time until we met in everyday life. And now we are in that wonderful, golden age when we clearly understand who of us is responsible for what and, at the same time, we can all replace each other.” That is why the addition to the family is highly anticipated: now the couple has 2 daughters. Julia says: “I always wanted to say: my girls, my daughters, girls. And then the girls hold hands. Isabel and Teresa.”

Trubiner with his wife and daughters

Photo: social networks

The newborn became Pavel Trubiner’s fourth child: the artist has two older children from a previous marriage with athlete Olga Mukhortova.

Actor Alexander Nosik

Actor Alexander Nosik, 51, became a father for the first time and for a long time dreamed of such a happy event. That’s why he hides details: he’s afraid to curse him. It is known that he had a daughter, named Valeria. It is possible that Alexander named his daughter after his father, the Soviet film star Valery Nosik. The star of the series “Mukhtar” hid the interesting position of his wife Ilona until the end. Now Nosik is in the “seventh heaven”: “An amazing, wonderful and magical event occurred in our family. A little man was born, but so big, so charming and important! This is happiness when happiness is born from happiness! Nosik recently married for the second time: his young wife Ilona also became a mother for the first time. But recently, immediately after the divorce, Nosik was very worried because he did not yet have children: the actor was even examined at the center for reproductive medicine. The actor publicly announced the results on a scandalous television show: he will be able to have children.

The nose showed the legs of the newborn daughter.

Photo: social networks

Actor Sergei Astakhov

Actor Sergei Astakhov, 54, and his civil wife Victoria Savkeeva became parents of a boy: he weighs 3600 grams and is 50 centimeters tall. The newborn was named Alejandro. It is interesting that a couple of years ago, Astakhov, to frequently asked questions about the appearance of a child, answered the following: “Are we planning to replenish? Certainly! Vic, who do you want? Boy? Yes, he wants a boy! It turns out that dreams do come true: 38-year-old Victoria is the first-born, and Sergei has a 25-year-old daughter, Maria, from a previous marriage. Officially, Astakhov did not marry Victoria: “We have already been calm and happy for nine years. Probably, as a man, I should make sure that Vika takes my last name, so that no one has any questions. But why should we answer these questions to anyone? At the time of meeting the actor, Victoria worked as a primary school teacher and is now Astakhov’s director and the mother of his son.

Family of TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova

Ekaterina Strizhenova, 55, said that she and her husband Alexander Strizhenov immediately became grandparents for the second and third time: their eldest daughter Anastasia gave birth to two sons. Children were baptized almost immediately after birth. Strizhenova showed a photo of the children: “Meet two new Christians: Alexander and George! We firmly endure the entire baptismal ceremony: may the guardian angel always be there! Anastasia and her husband, financier Piotr Grishchenko, have a five-year-old son, Piotr, and the couple lives in the United States.

Grandmother Ekaterina Strizhenova does not hold back her emotions: “If I knew how to compose music, I would give birth to a symphony. Two little people immediately came to our family. There has never been an example like that in my family. We will explore new facets of life. Nastya, my beloved daughter, I will never catch up with you. My beloved girl, how you endured all this! My dear kitties!

Actress Olga Kuzmina

35-year-old Olga Kuzmina declassified her second pregnancy in the summer of 2023 and immediately married event presenter and guide Yevgeny Apanasevich from Minsk. The star of the series “Kitchen” and the movie “Cheburashka” (voiced by the main character) will become a mother for the second time in November. In the summer she went with her son from her first marriage and her husband and her two children from a previous relationship to rest in Turkey. And the other day, Kuzmina and her husband flew with her husband to Argentina; she will give birth abroad.

Kuzmina with her husband in Buenos Aires

Photo: social networks

For this reason, Olga decided to take a 15-hour flight at the end of her pregnancy. Now she and her husband are staying in a hotel and looking for an apartment to rent in Buenos Aires for several months. Kuzmina decided to take such an extreme step because the newborn will automatically become an Argentine citizen, and her parents will immediately after the birth of the child receive Permanent Residence (permanent residence or permanent residence in Argentina). Her other children can also receive residency. And after 2 years, parents of a child with citizenship can apply for Argentine citizenship. Most likely, Kuzmina does this so that she can travel around the world without hindrance. She since she has work and great earnings in her homeland. Fans condemned Kuzmina for this decision.

Kuzmina with her eldest son, who stayed with her grandmother in her homeland.

Photo: social networks

Actor Artem Tkachenko

Artem Tkachenko, 41, will become a father for the third time in the fall. He and his wife, actress Ekaterina Steblina, have 10-year-old Tikhon and 7-year-old Stepan, and soon the children will have a brother or sister. They will give birth in their homeland. And the children and their mother spent the summer in their father’s small homeland in Kaliningrad. Artem stepped in between the filming: “We were all together in Kaliningrad. For us everything has already begun: a country house, a garden, helping grandmother, motorcycle rides through the streets of the country house, walks to the sea, birthday parties, we feed dogs and cats and go fishing . In general, there is something to do. This is an immersion into real childhood. The same thing I had in Kaliningrad…”

Artem Tkachenko and Ekaterina Steblina will soon become parents for the third time. Photo – press service of the “New Season” festival

The secret of a happy marriage, according to Tkachenko, is dialogue: “You have to talk. “We are still learning to talk to Katya.”

Singer Sergei Zhukov

Singer Sergei Zhukov, 47, and his wife Regina Burd will become parents at the end of the year. The couple has three children: Nika, 14, and two sons: Angel, 13, and Miron, 8. Zhukov also has a 22-year-old daughter, Alexandra, from his first marriage. It is interesting that a year ago Sergei said: “Children say: “Dad, invite mom on a date and go have a baby. That’s it, let’s go!” Tortured! We ask why? The answer is that we want a brother or sister, we want to take care of them, we need laughter in the house… We wanted many children. We are happy in this state. Are we talking to Regina about whether we can do it? It is not yet time for institutions…”

Who else? Gavriil Gordeev, a former resident of the Comedy Club, and his wife Irina will become parents for the fifth time at the end of autumn: they are raising 2 daughters and 2 sons: they are 19 and 12 years old, 4 and 2 years old.

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