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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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The State Duma explained how a businessman can increase his pension – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: April 14, 2024 Time: 20:07:59

The deputy recalled that in Russia there are several types of pensions, of which the minimum is the social one. The insurance pension is available only to participants in pension insurance. That is, to receive it, it is not only necessary to reach retirement age, but also to accumulate minimum work experience and earn a certain number of pension points.

Currently, the minimum requirements for retirement are 15 years of service and 30 credits.

What about sole proprietors and self-employed people?

About freelancers

As for the category of self-employed citizens, for them there are no mandatory insurance contributions, which means that there is no length of service or accumulation of pension coefficients, Govyrin recalled. Thus, without a minimum seniority and the corresponding coefficients, a self-employed worker does not have the right to an old-age insurance pension and can only apply for it five years later. “However, if a self-employed citizen concludes a voluntary insurance contract and pays contributions to the Social Fund of Russia, he will be able to start accruing pension coefficients and length of service. By paying contributions, he can accumulate experience for any period, including 15 years “said the parliamentarian.

What does the status of individual entrepreneur provide?

The status of an individual entrepreneur, according to him, is important for the pension period, since the individual entrepreneur pays mandatory pension contributions. “However, the entrepreneur has to choose between continuing the business even after retirement age or a well-deserved rest,” Govyrin added. The deputy explained that the amount of insurance premiums paid by individual entrepreneurs affects pension points: the more points, the higher the pension. “Previously, insurance premiums of individual entrepreneurs were divided into pensions and health insurance. However, from January 1, 2023, insurance premiums are transferred in a single payment. In the new fund, the amount of “Insurance premiums are automatically distributed in several areas,” the parliamentarian clarified.

He noted that the minimum amount of contributions necessary to take into account the entire service year of 2024 is 50,798 rubles. For this amount, 1,036 individual pension capital (IPC) are accumulated. The maximum amount of contributions is 406,391 rubles, which corresponds to 8,292 CPI.

Postponement gives an increase

In addition, there is a possibility of receiving an insurance pension not immediately after reaching retirement age, but after a year or more, Govyrin continued. In this case, an increasing factor is applied to the cost of the CPI and the fixed payment, depending on the duration of the deferral.

“For example, if the deferral is 12 months, then the increasing coefficient for the fixed payment is 1.056 and for the CPI – 1.07,” explained the deputy. “The maximum allowed deferral is 10 years, in this case the corresponding coefficients are applied: 2.11 and 2.32 respectively. Therefore, due to the deferral, the pension can more than double.”

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