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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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The struggle for the inheritance of Alexander Gradsky continues: the master’s wives and children clashed in court

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 20:41:16

Gradsky’s fourth wife, model Marina Kotashenko, defends three shares in the estate. Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV / Express Newspaper

Alexander Gradsky died almost two years ago, and his estate cannot yet be divided. However, the issue would have been resolved long ago if it were not for the musician’s third wife Olga, who filed a lawsuit almost immediately after Gradsky’s death against the widow Marina Kotashenko and her own children from her Maria and Daniel. . The next meeting will take place on August 7 at the Tverskoy District Court.

Olga Gradskaya (née Fartysheva) asks to allocate half of the property acquired during the marriage with Gradsky (from 1980 to 2001), excluding him from the composition of hereditary property and recognizing his right to property. She also claims the creative inheritance of Alexander Gradsky (including family photographs, notes and letters), which was collected during her marriage and was common.

Olga also insists on the exclusion of the widow’s marital part of the inheritance.

According to lawyers, it is possible to exclude Marina Kotashenko, who lived with Gradsky for 17 years, from the inheritance if the marriage, registered a few weeks before the musician’s death, is declared invalid.

Recall that Alexander Gradsky passed away on November 28, 2021. He left behind four children, who, in fact, began to claim his inheritance. As well as the widow Marina Kotashenko, who is also the heiress of the first stage. The first two wives – Natalya Gradskaya and actress Anastasia Vertinskaya – do not claim anything.

From the third marriage with Olga Gradskaya, the master has two children: 42-year-old Daniel and 37-year-old Maria are among the heirs of the first stage. Two more sons, nine-year-old Alexander and five-year-old Ivan, were born to Gradsky from the last and fourth wife, model Marina Kotashenko. Marina defends three actions in the estate.

Not without scandals, showdowns and strange stories. In response to Olga Gradsky’s request to exclude Kotashenko from the inheritance, Marina recalled that Olga herself left the master and went to another man. At the same time, Alexander Borisovich provided financial support to the mother of his children for many years. He bought apartments for his son and his daughter.

While the courts were going on, the widow was robbed: right on the street, 100 million rubles were stolen from Marina Kotashenko! Investigators concluded that the robbery was set up on a track. However, Gradsky’s relatives believe that Kotashenko herself was interested in the fact that the money disappeared from the inheritance. And who carries 100 million rubles in a bag? In general, more questions than answers.

Recall also that the master’s cousin Natalia Gradskaya has also joined the number of applicants for the inheritance. She wants to return an apartment in Moscow and a house in the Moscow region, which belonged to her father Boris Gradsky, the uncle of Alexander Borisovich. According to Natalia, her brother appropriated this property while she was abroad. Allegedly, three days before the death of his father, Alexander Borisovich brought the notary to the hospital, who certified the will, according to which he himself became the owner of the house and apartment. Natalya believes that her brother took advantage of her father’s impotence.

We also add that a month after the inheritance hearing, another trial will take place, but it will already concern the brainchild of the master – the Gradsky Hall Theater, which sued Gradsky’s wife and children. The fact is that the musician’s cars were left in the parking lot of the theater, which take up space, and for some reason no one picks them up.

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