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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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The Treasury does not always win: they forgive a debt of more than 50,000 euros for a donation

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 09:34:23

Leaving money between family members is not such a rare or infrequent practice. No, we are not talking about amounts to meet day-to-day expenses, but rather higher amounts of money to access the purchase of real estate or vehicles, for example. This practice is very common, but not declaring it as it should lead to economic problems that get out of hand.

This is what happened to a man from Lleida who gave a certain amount of money to his partner to buy a property that would later be in their names. The man sold another property to be able to buy the new home without anyone notifying them that, by registering the new property in their names, this agreement was a donation.

A debt of 80,000 euros

Donations must be declared as such, even if you are not required to pay taxes depending on the case. In each community, some exceptions or others are applied according to the degree of consanguinity and the period in which the donation has been issued. to pay the corresponding part of taxes.

This couple, specifically the man, who is understood as the donor, will have nothing and, therefore, will end up being sanctioned by the Treasury. The debt amounted to more than 80,000 euros between the sanction itself, taxes and other derived expenses.

So, this couple decided to mortgage the property in which they lived in addition to another property in order to get the money and pay. On the other hand, given the pressure to get this high amount, they also requested several quick loans that turned out to have abusive clauses.

The debt overwhelmed them

For a time, she continued to religiously pay the debts contracted to settle her situation with the Tax Agency, until several events worsened her situation: the factory where the woman worked suffered a fire, for which she was included in an ERTE with a salary of 800 euros; his mother, who helped them monthly, dies; and the tenant to whom they have rented a property stopped passing them. In addition, the couple’s daughters live in the family home and he suffers a 33% disability.

The bank refused to extend the mortgage that weighed on the house and, finally, the economic situation worsened to the point that the debts that had been accumulating could not be paid. At this time, the court of first instance number 6 of Lleida forgave the 57,226 euros of debt that this couple has left to pay by applying the Second Chance Law.

Thus, after having suffered a great economic journey, the couple can return to normality without being drowned by a debt that, in the end, exceeded their financial capacity and that they would have contracted due to an administrative error that, moreover, nobody informed them.

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