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Friday, April 19, 2024
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The US offered NATO to start a war in the Black Sea: how the West tries to avoid failure in Ukraine

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 15:28:19

NATO may start a Black Sea war with Russia to save Ukraine’s economy


NATO may start a Black Sea war with Russia to save Ukraine’s economy, according to the latest remarks from the alliance’s former commander in Europe, retired US Navy Admiral James Stavridis. He took it like that and cut it off: NATO “is not going to provide Ukraine with all the weapons and money only to see Russia strangle its economy with an illegal blockade.” And we think that the West supports Kiev not for the protection of what it almost no longer has left (the economy), but for “freedom, sovereignty, territorial integrity”…

Still, it’s great when high-ranking retirees feel the time has come to open the world’s eyes to something or give a stern warning to the adversary enemy. While they were in office, strict rules were in place: Political statements are not for the military, let the politicians make them. But he passed into the category of “experts”, and the person suffered. Even earlier, when Russia withdrew from the “grain agreement”, Stavridis called on NATO to escort Ukrainian grain ships in the Black Sea and, in case of a threat, open fire on the ships of the Russian Navy. And now he has started talking about the war in general: this is how he reacted to a forced search by a Russian warship for a merchant ship flying the flag of Palau, whose captain failed to comply with the order to stop.

This is what immediately catches your eye. On the one hand, even the first, but the commander of the NATO troops in Europe says that the West can start a war against Russia. And even he confirms this with such an argument: if all the member countries of the Black Sea alliance, namely Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria, unite their efforts, then “the Russian Black Sea Fleet will be militarily outnumbered.” The assessment is bold, but it’s not even about her. Does the retired admiral understand what he’s talking about? After all, all the current decorative leaders of NATO and their real managers from the United States have not withdrawn from their positions: yes, we will supply Ukraine with weapons and support Zelensky in every possible way, but we will not allow a military conflict. straight. with Moscow. Because? Yes, it hurts to think about the consequences of such a conflict.

And then suddenly Stavridis comes out and says: we will protect the Ukrainian economy until the war with Russia, if necessary! Here it is interesting to see if the current NATO leadership will react to such agility. It is unlikely, rather, “muted for clarity.” A pensioner, what to take from him, he wears what he wants … Admiral Stavridis, indeed, sometimes wears very obscene things. Most recently, he ended his Ukrainian-themed tweet with the Nazi chant “Glory to Ukraine!” To which another former US intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, reacted as follows: Stavridis is a disgrace to military uniforms.

But still, why did Stavridis suddenly get so excited? Especially against the background of a flurry of publications in the West about the failure of the “counterattack” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and questions about what to do next. Literally a day before the admiral’s threats, the statements by the head of the NATO Secretary General’s office that the alliance was considering the possibility of accepting Ukraine by acknowledging the loss of part of its territories turned into a scandal. Then, when they saw the convulsive reaction of Kyiv, they realized it, they gave “back”. But they could not dissolve the bitter sediment, because they offended those who “fight for democracy and for the whole West.” And here, in order to correct the situation, they interview Stavridis, who, as expected, says something pleasant for kyiv. Why rule this out?

It is already clear that the United States and the entire West are desperately looking for options to avoid a major military failure in Ukraine. Throwing away the formula “enter the block in exchange for territories” is proof of this. There has already been talk that US security interests are much broader than just Ukraine and not identical to kyiv’s. Washington is shifting its focus and military preparations to the Indo-Pacific. This, of course, does not mean that Zelensky is about to be abandoned, the conflict between Moscow and kyiv is still beneficial for the West. But up to certain limits. In any case, Washington will definitely not start a war with Russia in the Black Sea to “save the Ukrainian economy.”

By the way, there was already a case when the commander of NATO troops in Europe almost unleashed a war with Russia. In 1999, US General Wesley Clark, who held the position, ordered by force to prevent Russian paratroopers from attacking Slatina, Kosovo’s main airport. But he received a reply from a British general subservient to him: “I’m not going to start World War III for you.” It did not work out for the acting commander, and even more so for the first.

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