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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The US will not invite Ukraine to NATO: what awaits it now The Independent

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 15:44:05

Washington sends unequivocal signals about the futility of Zelensky’s efforts regarding Ukraine’s NATO entry.

Photo: TASS

While the President of Ukraine Zelensky is running around Europe, renting planes to the leaders of European states (he flew to Turkey, for example, on a government plane of the Czech Air Force), trying to organize a vote to invite Ukraine to NATO, unmistakable signals about the futility of such attempts by Zelensky. The main culprit is the same US President Joseph Biden, whom Kyiv asked, begged and even tried to blackmail, blaming Biden for the unsuccessful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But even the “grandfather of punch cards” realized the threats that lie in wait for kyiv.

Biden questions Ukraine’s NATO membership

– I am not sure that there is unanimity in NATO on whether or not to accept Ukraine in the alliance now, in the midst of the conflict. But if we did, we would be determined to fulfill our obligation to protect every inch of NATO territory. We would be at war with Russia if that were the case.” In an interview with CNN, the US president confirmed that the Alliance could only consider Ukraine’s entry after the conflict with Russia ends. And even then, it will not be about Ukraine’s accession to NATO in the foreseeable future, but about choosing a path to this goal.

– The United States will be ready to help as long as this post-conflict process continues. We are ready to provide assistance in the field of security, such as we provide to Israel. We stand ready to provide the weapons required to protect us, the President of the United States has promised.

This is clearly not what Zelensky wants. But Biden showed that if he rests, it’s unlikely anyone can move him from his place. He said that at this moment he considers it premature to even put to a vote the question of Ukraine’s possible membership in NATO, that is, to invite Kiev to the Alliance. And he recalled that 2 years ago in Geneva he denied Putin guarantees of Ukraine’s non-alignment with NATO.

What did the presidents of Russia and the United States talk about?

Recall that in June 2021 a meeting was held between the presidents of Russia and the United States, during which Putin explained to Biden that our country is interested in obtaining legally established guarantees that exclude the expansion of NATO to the east (negative to Ukraine from joining NATO, but not only her, but also Moldova and Georgia – ed.) and the deployment of offensive attack systems in Russia’s neighboring countries. But the United States did not listen to Russia either then or later. There were many more adequate proposals from Putin, to which the inadequate “grandfather of punch cards” responded equally adequately.

2 years after those negotiations, the Special Military Operation carried out by Russia can be said to have partially achieved one of its most important, but not much publicized goals: Ukraine’s refusal to join the North Atlantic Alliance. Since the term “demilitarization” hides not only the preservation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, limited in number, weapons and composition, but also a neutral state, the refusal to participate in military-political alliances and blocs.

Biden’s fatal mistake

The United States does not want to understand that at that moment Biden was offered a plan for a peaceful exit from the crisis in Ukraine, and he could have prevented the current development of events if he had listened to the voice of reason. But for some reason, Washington decided that Putin was lying, that he was just saying words, like most leaders in the Western world, without charging them with a certain meaning and responsibility. Everything else that followed was a consequence of this fatal mistake by Biden and his team. And everything that follows will be a continuation of that mistake.

However, it is quite likely that this was not a mistake at all, but a calculation precisely for such a development of events. So it’s time to doff your hat to these artisans. But there are very big doubts about it. Since the costs, failures and other “bumps” for the United States on this path have already turned out to be incomparably more than “carrots”.

Despite all the external attractiveness of the situation for the United States, when the Slavs are killing the Slavs, Russia does not weaken, despite all the new carbon-copy printed statements of Western leaders and experts. On the contrary, countries have seen by living example how important it is to develop their own military-industrial complex and build defense power, and the military industry has started to work, increasing its capabilities and pulling it through dual-use technologies and a “peaceful” economy.

Putin’s response and the reaction of other countries

Putin began to build a truly multipolar world, which was welcomed by many countries, first of all. China, which built it in the economy, without first invading the political sphere in international relations. Dozens of countries on the planet realized that the whole world does not end with the United States and welcomed alternative opportunities. The BRICS and SCO international associations have been strengthened with new members, and a queue has formed for these organizations, including from the most recently important economic and trade partners of the United States. The world economy has begun to move away from the US dollar as the undisputed world currency, and this movement is accelerating.

All this could not have happened, or would have started to happen much later, if the United States had pursued a responsible international policy, and Biden would have responded to Putin’s proposals in Geneva with one word: “Yes.” By then they would cease to be the United States and Biden.

What will happen to Ukraine?

As for Ukraine, here the task of the NWO in demilitarization has been fulfilled only partially, and in the part that concerns the country’s accession to NATO. The Ukrainian Armed Forces themselves still have a lot of weapons, the West, refusing to accept the Ukrainians into the Alliance, gladly sends them to the slaughterhouse with the hands of Zelensky. The neutrality of Ukraine for the West is even worse than its absence, and therefore they are more likely to agree with us on this issue that it is better to completely destroy independent Ukraine as a state than to allow its neutral status.

We need a neutral Ukraine or its liquidation as a state (this is not about people). The West needs an anti-Russian Ukraine or its liquidation as a state. At least at one point on this route our positions coincide. As well as realizing the fact that Ukraine will not see NATO.

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