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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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The Venom Fighter Who Knocked Out The Leopard: Hit The Tank The First Time, Burned For Over A Day

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 11:22:54

Callsign “Venom”: “You can’t say I just did this. This is our entire calculation.”

A few hours after I spoke with the deputy of the People’s Council of the Lugansk People’s Republic Vitaly Kishkinov about the soldier who knocked out the Leopard, the fighter himself called me, who received a million Grigory Leps for this feat.

… – Hello Alejandro? This is poison. They told me that you are waiting for a call from me.

– Yes, Venom, I’m looking forward to it. Can I call you in another way or just by your call sign?

– Yes, Alexander, just like that.

– First of all, I congratulate you on such an important military success!

– Thank you.

– How did it go, tell me!

– Nothing like that … Our observers saw the tank, the gunner did a very good job, he just worked meticulously. I shot. Got it right away.

You can’t say I’m the only one who did this. This is our entire calculation.

We have an anti-tank missile system.

But did you shoot? Where were you aiming?

– To the tower. He immediately lit up. And the whole tank instantly ignited. Of the detonation

– From what distance did you hit the tank?

– From the most comfortable for our complex – from about 5 km. Maybe a little more. But we can work from a greater distance.

– You didn’t notice, there were crosses on the Leopard.

– From the projection from which we observed it, several crosses could be seen.

– Have you seen any Ukrainian tankers?

– No they did not.

– “Leopard” burned well.

– Good…

– How long?

More than a day and a half. Burned completely – to the ground.

– How did your dawn react to this?

– So that?

– The fact that together “Leopard” filled up?

– Well, the guys congratulated me quickly. I they. Well, it’s business as usual.

– Were you very surprised by a million Grigory Leps?

– Wow. At first I didn’t even check until I saw it myself. lepsa…

Do you know their songs?

– Certainly!

– Besides “Drinks on the table”, what else?

– It’s all good (laughs).

– What did Leps tell you?

– Congratulations from the bottom of my heart! He said that he was proud of us.

It is good that there are people who bring our Victory closer not only by word but also by deed.

– Are you talking about yourself, about your calculation?

– No! I’m talking about Grigory Leps.

– A million leps is how much?

– Well, a bag of bills.

– Excuse me, where did you put this package?

– He’s with us now.

– And then – how do you manage a million?

– Part – to my family, part – to the guys of my calculation.

– And in what proportion?

– At the fair. If necessary, to whom, how much …

– Who fought in the Great Patriotic War in your family?

– My great-grandfather. He was an infantryman. He went through the whole war. He stayed alive.

– And how long have you been participating in hostilities?

– Long time.

– When they shot at a German tank with crosses, did they remember their great-grandfather?

– Then it wasn’t before. In battle… And there’s no need for me to remember my great-grandfather. I just never forget about him.

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