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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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The water of change was distributed among the G20 guests and Russia debunks the myths of the West: the G20 summit opened in India

Date: May 26, 2024 Time: 09:47:33

Sergei Lavrov began to dispel Western myths.


At the G20 summit that opened in New Delhi, Sergei Lavrov, representing Russia, began to dispel Western myths. This was reported by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Miraculous” water flowed like a river at the summit

Literally everything at the G20 summit is saturated with big politics. Even the bottled mineral water distributed in the press center to more than four thousand journalists gathered from all over the world turned out to be politicized. Its name can be translated as “Responsible Water”. And below they also added “Change can be achieved.”

– What changes exactly are the summit hosts hinting at? – I asked one of the volunteers who was trying to help everyone. But I could not. My question was clearly too much for him.

– I don’t even understand what you’re talking about! – tried to avoid a clear answer. – Water is water. I’m not an expert on names.

Modi tried very hard to bring the summit participants to a serious conversation, not about Ukraine.

In preparation for this summit in New Delhi, the Indian authorities made it clear that they would like to encourage all G20 members to have a serious conversation, for example, on food security or the reform of the international architecture. In particular, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly called for serious efforts to modernize the UN, as, according to him, this key international organization does not reflect current realities.

The previous G20 president, Indonesia, also had his own ideas. But last year in Bali, the collective West did its best to steer the conversation toward one topic: Ukraine. There are many indications that a similar attempt will be made in New Delhi this year.

Zelensky was not allowed to play his “role” in India

The US president’s adviser, Jake Sullivan, said Washington would like to see Zelensky at the G20 in India. In addition, he is confident that the visit of the President of Ukraine to New Delhi is simply necessary to “continue the dialogue on a peaceful solution.” But everyone understands why the Americans tried to push Zelensky to the G20 summit. This is how RIA Novosti meaningfully translated his words: “In our opinion, having Zelensky at this G20 summit, to play a role there, would be a good thing.”

India, as a leader in this matter, was still able to push it on its own. Zelensky was not invited to New Delhi. But even without him, a large number of people came to the G20 summit to talk about Ukraine.

Not everyone likes America’s behavior

Sergei Lavrov spoke about the attempt to “Ukrainize everything and everyone” two days ago in Bangladesh.

– The results of the East Asia Summit confirmed that not everyone likes such an obsessive and stubborn line of promoting their own geopolitical interests… But this does not mean that these attempts will stop. Vice versa. We hope they become more active. We must be prepared for this.

Can India help Russia debunk the Western myth?

On the occasion of the G20 summit, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published an impressive media announcement on its website.

– The G7 countries (first of all, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France) put pressure on India, seeking to reflect their unilateral approaches to the situation around Ukraine in the final documents of the G20 events. In this context, the Indian side is trying to adopt a neutral stance, based on the purely economic mandate of the G20. India rejected Western demands to invite Ukraine to participate in meetings of this format, thus preventing the United States and its allies from countering the important practical achievements of the year-long “vigilance” in New Delhi with their opportunistic considerations, it says The report.

At the same time, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted: “We are working closely with all G20 countries to debunk the myth created by the West about Russia’s “aggressiveness” and counter attempts to link the world’s humanitarian and economic problems exclusively with the “conflict in Ukraine”, which is caused and fueled by the Americans, to the detriment of pan-European security and the prospects for stable socio-economic progress on the Eurasian continent.”

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