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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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The XXIV International Festival “The Triumph of Jazz” will be held in Moscow – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 09:17:28

Who plays: Moscow Jazz Orchestra and Quintet of Igor Butman, Alexey Guskov, Aziza Mustafa-Zadeh, Akra Jazz Band ft. Ece Goksu, Mark Whitfield Quartet, Anton Baronin Orchestra 2.0, Varvara Ubel, ILUGDIN TRIO and OpensoundOrchestra soloists.

What’s playing: Jazz, soul, funk, ethnic.

Why go: It’s hard to imagine Moscow spring without the Triumph of Jazz festival. The name of its artistic director, Igor Butman, is a brand in itself: it is unlikely that anyone else would have been able to attract stars like McCoy Tyner, Ahmad Jamal, Joe Lovano, Billy Cobham and other “triumphants” of yesteryear to Russia. This year, world-famous pianist and vocalist Aziza Mustafa-Zadeh, as well as American guitar virtuoso Mark Whitfield, will perform for the first time at the festival. In addition, Turkish jazz will be performed by Ece Goksu and the Akra Jazz Band, Russia’s best jazz musicians will present new programs, and the charismatic actor Alexey Guskov will transform into a jazzman. And on all three nights of the festival, maestro Igor Butman, founding father of this annual improvisation festival, will be on stage.

Where, when, how much: Moscow International House of Music; March 9, 10 and 11: 800 – 8,000 rubles.

Photo: “Russian Philharmonic”

Who plays: Moscow Symphony Orchestra “Russian Philharmonic”, soloists Dmitry Ermak, Edward Khacharyan, Arsen Mukendi, Lisbanis Leyva Castillo.

What’s playing: “Only Men” Christmas Concert.

Why go: For the women’s holiday, the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra has prepared a new project “Only Men” – love songs performed by artists of the corresponding genre. These are the finalists of the show “The Voice” Arsen Mukendi and Edward Khacharyan, the theater and film actor Dmitry Ermak and the soloist of the Cuban Academy of Contemporary Dance Lisbanis Leyva Castillo. Passionate voices, vibrant strings and warm winds, Soviet hits and Western hits – such a concert fits perfectly to the ears of March 8. A wonderful addition to a bouquet of duty on a holiday.

Where, when, how much: Moscow International House of Music (Chamber Hall); March 8 (3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.); 3,000 – 4,000 rubles.

Photo: Sputnik Records LLC

Who plays: Merab Amzoevi.

What it sounds like: Pop, soul.

Why go: “Once you hear it, you will never forget it,” say Merab Amzoevi fans. Meanwhile, the music sensation of the year on the Internet until recently was anything: a bartender, a photographer, a casino dealer, but not a singer. However, Amzoevi’s first attempts at singing earned him success on popular video hosting sites. The reason for this was his magical baritone, his soulful singing style, and his charismatic appearance. In Moscow, the “velvet voice of Georgia” will perform his compositions and covers in Georgian, English and Russian. Among the latter is Nikolai Noskov’s song “This is Great”, for which Merab received the author’s own blessing.

Where, when, how much: KZ “Moscow; March 9; 2,500 – 50,000 rubles.


Who plays: HighTime Orchestra.

What’s playing: L. Einaudi – Underwater. Multimedia concert.

Why go: Eco-friendly pianos and strings seamlessly intertwine Ludovico Einaudi’s work with electronic beats. His new album Underwater is full of calm harmony. “When you swim underwater, the silence feels different,” says Einaudi. “Sounds and everything else are perceived differently.” In the Luminar-X art space, where digital technology blurs the boundary between viewer and stage, this music is fascinating. The main multimedia premiere of the year, it is not advisable to miss it.

Where, when, how much: Luminar-X art space; 6th of March; from 5,000 rub.

Photo: MSM Group

Who plays: Megi Gogitidze.

What it sounds like: Jazz, rock, ethnic, electronic.

Why go: Georgian world music princess Megi Gogitidze joyfully mixes jazz with trip-hop and electronica with ethnic music; God knows which of these musical dresses suits you best. A web of drums is deftly woven, keyboards crunch, guitar strings rattle, and at the center of it all is Mega’s uplifting vocals. This slightly hoarse voice is well known not only in the singer’s homeland, but also beyond its borders: more than 20 million views on video hosting sites are the best proof of this. Now she will perform at the Moscow 1930 club, and the capital’s audience, even without knowing Georgian, will understand everything that Princess Megi sings.

Where, when, how much: Club 1930 Moscow; March 8; 2,000 – 11,000 rubles.

Photo: The St. Regis Moscow Nikolskaya

Who plays: Daniil Kramer.

What it sounds like: Jazz improvisations.

Why go: Beautiful sound, precise timbres, meticulousness in details – these are just the external signs of Daniil Kramer’s playing style. This pianist’s main talent lies elsewhere: Kramer knows how to captivate, find his own story in sounds and then tell it to the listener. What he will demonstrate again tonight with the Jazz Legends in St. Regis. The People’s Artist of Russia’s skill and repertoire at the intersection of academic music and jazz are a worthy soundtrack for a dinner in the hotel’s elegant interiors.

Where, when and how much: St. Regis Hotel; 7 of March; 13,000 – 15,000 rubles.

Photo: Moscow State Academic Philharmonic

Who plays: Vadim Eilenkrig and Eilenkrig Crew. Special guest Iliana Sánchez.

What’s playing: Latin jazz and world jazz hits.

Why go?: “The Russian Chris Botti”, “the sex symbol of Russian jazz”, as they call the popular trumpeter and television presenter Vadim Eilenkrig. The musician, who has collaborated with numerous world stars, now presents his own projects and performs in the best venues in the world. Next in line is the room named after him. Tchaikovsky, where Eilenkrieg and the Cuban diva Iliana Sánchez, known for the television project “La Voz”, will perform jazz “standards” and Latin American music hits such as Historia de un Amor, Qumbara and Yo Vivire.

Where, when, how much: Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky; 7 of March; 500 – 2500 rubles.


Who plays: Vladimir Kuzmin.

What it sounds like: pop rock.

Why go: Vladimir Kuzmin’s traditional spring concert will feature numerous hits that the artist has accumulated over many years. Among them are touching ballads and cheerful hits: Kuzmin loves all of his works equally, like children, and performs them with visible pleasure, coloring well-known arrangements with extensive guitar solos. The only thing the viewer won’t hear about him is the reflection of him. After all, rock and roll for Kuzmin is not a goal, but a means. In this case, it is a way to create a bright and carefree atmosphere, so appropriate for March 8: it is no coincidence that the holiday program is called “Hey, beautiful!”

Where, when, how much: KZ “Mir”; March 8; 3,000 – 10,000 rubles.

Photo: MKZ “Zaryadye”

Who plays: Band “Namghar”.

What it sounds like: Ethnic, jazz, electronic.

Why go: “Namghar” is music from the past, performed with the means of the present. Namgar Lkhasaranova’s voice hums and vibrates like the steppe wind, around her dance a guitar, percussion and Tuvan folk instruments: shanza, morin khuur and temir-khomus. The output is an almost physically tangible primitive energy that sends shivers down the spine.

Where, when and how much: Zaryadye Concert Hall; March 5th; 700 – 2000 rubles.

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