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Monday, May 27, 2024
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There is a surprise in the hit parade of the most beautiful actors of Soviet cinema KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 27, 2024 Time: 18:20:42

The 5 leaders of the 2023 hit parade are beautiful, unforgettable and women have always liked them. But this rating is still valuable to others – its five leaders starred in really worthwhile films. Which means they taste good too!

And studying the new list of the most beautiful men of the Soviet film industry, we will probably want to review films with his participation again.

We remember perhaps the most iconic.

Oleg Vidov

Probably the most famous and beloved blonde in Soviet cinema. In addition, elegant, athletic, capable of gallantly riding a horse. And also: she throws a lasso, shoots and smiles intriguingly at strangers.

All these abilities came in handy for Oleg Vidov in the film based on the novel by the writer Mine Reed – “The Headless Horseman.” Thanks to the role of Maurice, he became famous in 1973.

It is also worth paying attention to his other roles: Gnyaz Gvidon in “The Tale of Tsar Saltan” (directed by Alexander Ptushko), Tomlinson in “Waterloo” (directed by Sergei Bondarchuk), Senior Police Lieutenant Slavin in “Gentlemen of Fortune ” (directed by Alexander Sery).

And also: the Hollywood erotic thriller “Wild Orchid” (directed by Zalman King), where he played the womanizing and cheating Otto. And he rode a motorcycle in the character of Mickey Rourke, but he fell on a sharp turn, and then he had to be treated for a long time and perform many complex operations.

And before that, he married an American journalist and went to live in the United States.

Vladimir Korneev

This actor, who was instantly remembered for his sparkling eyes, innate intelligence and noble manners, also had an excellent sports background. And the role that made him an overnight star, Ichthyander in “Amphibian Man,” in 1962.

He swam there, rescued, and was a mysterious kind stranger; As a result, he for many years became a sex symbol and a romantic hero of Soviet cinema.

Photo: kinopoisk.ru

He is also very good in “The Children of Don Quixote” (directed by Evgeny Karelov), in the role of the eldest son, the artist Victor. In “Children of the Arbat” directed by Andrei Eshpay, in the role of father Yuri Sharok, the First Channel series “Orlova and Alexandrov (in the role of director Nemirovich-Danchenko) and many others.

Andrey Kharitonov

Perhaps the only surprise in this ranking. Andrey Kharitonov played passionately, ardently and very indifferently, one might say, overcooked, in Nikolai Mashchenko’s three-episode drama “The Gadfly”, based on the novel by Ethel Lilian Voynich.

Revolutionary fervor, romance, heroic character, selfless character, tragic death… After this film, finished in 1980, many girls cried and hung portraits of the actor in their homes.

Photo: kino-teatr.ru

And it is also worth remembering his main roles in the film version of the performance of the Lenkom Theater – “The Star and the Death of Joaquin Murietta”, and the vivid image of the sailor and rebel Yanko in “Free Wind”. And the series “Junkers” (in which he played Neznansky).

And in the film based on the science fiction novel by HG Wells “The Invisible Man” Andrey Kharitonov is very good. He played just this Invisible Man and, along the way, Jonathan Griffin.

But most remember Kharitonov from the film “The Gadfly”, and that he did not like to communicate with journalists. Few! The actor is undoubtedly a great talent.

Alexander Abdulov

Just fourth place for the actor, who was a national favorite of the ’70s and ’90s, is another confirmation of the postulate that all ratings are conditional!

Everyone knows their roles, charm, charm, enthusiasm, versatility of talent. And we watch his movies all the time.

Most often we remember Abdulov, probably from the films “An ordinary miracle”, “Munchausen himself”, “Sorcerers”, “The most charming and attractive”, “Ten little Indians”, “Formula of love”, ” Genie”, “Slay a Dragon”…

But everyone’s favorite movies, of course, are different…

Vyacheslav Tikhonov

For each generation, Tikhonov has its own standard of beauty, charm, wisdom, equanimity. And his position in the ranking (although they could understand it higher) is also undoubted.

“An optimistic tragedy”. Photo: RIA Novosti

He is Andrey Bolkonsky in “The War of the World”, and a professor in “We will live until Monday”, and Vasily Panin in “Midshipman Panin”, and Maxim Isaev – Stirlitz in “17 Moments of Spring”. It is worth reviewing each of his films!

And the actor Tikhonov perfectly read the poetry. He especially loved Pushkin. But for this, ratings are no longer included…

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