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Friday, June 14, 2024
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These are the causes and possible solutions to your constipation problems

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 17:45:45

Constipation discomfort is very common both in Spain and in other parts of the world, occurring in a significant part of the population. There are several aspects that influence constipation, such as a lack of physical activity, not drinking enough water or a low-fiber diet, among others. Likewise, other factors that are not related to a sedentary lifestyle or diet, such as suffering from stress or drastic changes in routine, also work unfavorably for the patient.

“Constipation can be caused by alterations in the intestinal rhythm or by pathology in the act of defecation in the lower part of the digestive system,” explains Dr. Dolores Sánchez Manzano, a specialist in Internal Medicine at the Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital. In these two groups there are many pathologies, the most recurrent being intestinal motility, which is caused by drugs. Some drugs such as analgesics and opioids alter the intestinal rhythm and others of relatively widespread use such as tramadol progress to contractility of the intestine.

“Constipation can be caused by alterations in the intestinal rhythm or by pathology in the act of defecation”

In addition to suffering from constipation due to the consumption of drugs, the other group of those affected are patients with rectal-anal pathology: “It is common for people who suffer from hemorrhoids to have defecation problems because the defecation action causes them pain and they inhibit , which prevents an adequate evacuation”, says the specialist Sánchez Manzano.

First steps to avoid it

To avoid constipation problems, it is essential to be adequately hydrated and obtain plenty of natural fiber. This can be found mainly in vegetables and fruit, foods that must be present in the diet every day. Other foods that help to reduce or prevent constipation are “cereals, but slow reabsorption cereals generate meteorism (gas), which favors swelling,” says the doctor, who precisely “gas does not affect motility in principle intestine, but it can cause discomfort and a feeling of occupancy.”

However, special care must be taken with our source of fiber. The supplementation of foods with fiber, such as fiber milk, does not offer enough in comparison with the direct consumption of fruits and vegetables. In this sense, eating shortcuts are not effective and would not be a real solution to constipation problems.

The specialist in Internal Medicine at the Quironsalud Madrid University Hospital

It is proven that adopting a sedentary lifestyle is counterproductive to avoid constipation. For people who suffer from it, in addition to adopting dietary measures, it is very important that they exercise: “Intestinal motility increases with physical activity. The one who moves the legs, moves the intestine, ”he points out.

Other recommended guidelines

Once we begin to worry about the usual deposition rate, it is advisable to consult your doctor. In certain people it is common for them to suffer from constipation, which indicates that it is an annoying but not pathological fact. On the other hand, if in others the frequency of bowel movements is significantly altered, it is more indicated that they go to a consultation, especially if they are over 40 years of age.

In certain people it is common to suffer from constipation

Any defecation rhythm can be acceptable if it does not cause discomfort, but sudden or striking changes should be consulted with the doctor. The key is the presence or absence of pain: “We should not worry if we take time to go to the bathroom as long as it does not cause pain and we do not abuse painkillers or laxatives,” says the specialist. Water or methylcellulose enemas can be used, useful in patients with rectal-anal pathology “who have more difficulty relaxing the sphincter” and in people with low intestinal motility.

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